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How to create mp3 to cd audio for djing using nero

as an dj using cdj 1000 or other hardware tool, create cd audio for djing is can't to leave. may be every day we must to create cd audio if we get new the track. If you a beginner as Dj, may be you don't know about how to create audio cd using nero, ok now i want to share for you. there are something must be attention about how to choose cd blank that correctly. You can burn or create mp3 to cd audio using nero or other software burning tool. But, nero is familiar in the word and many the people use it. If you haven't this software go to here for get link download Nero ver. 60. Here is step by step how to create mp3 to cd audio use nero Ultra edition 6x: Equipment: 1. cd rw drive or dvd rw 2. Blank cd (suggestion thick cd blank ) 3. Nero burning room ultra edition software Process: after nero installed in your pc, go to star program and then choose nero startmart. see picture 1. as like in picture above select Music icon then choose MAKE AUDIO CD then click ok. 2. Now

Tutorial dj using virtual DJ Part 3

BPM ANALYZE After we understand the key functions that are important to the life time djing, on virtual dj as my research in the tutorial dj part1 and tutorial using virtual dj dj part2 , now I will share how to start djing about the correct use virtual dj. as a first step that we do? you certainly know the area if we mp3 browser right click menu will appear: BPM GAIN PITCH KEY ARTIST TITLE LENGHT AND MORE. Important point is as above. To enable right-click on the label Title, then select item it. see picture. This process is very important and we only do once. next virtual dj software automatically will be save analyze the results into the database. If we load directly to the deck, how ? good questions. May, but usually such as that I never experienced, in 1 second running track gain will changes usually occur . especially in the virtual dj ver. 5.2. if you a small computer memory (RAM) , and the song does not analyze at first can cause the program hangs. although only 5 seconds.

How to create keyboard shorcut in virtual dj

The setting keyboard shorchuts at virtual dj If you Djing using virtual dj software with internal mixer setting , make the shortcuts keyboard is very important to facilitating moment live djing or mixing. using keyboard shortcuts can make be faster when your the mixing of process and enjoy, to over the song, crossing and more. Besides using mouse. but when us using the mouse facility our hand is limited. For example: How if you want to be activated LOOP and sampler for degarding at the same time?? Sure, can't. For that our need to create keyboard shortcuts in virtual dj. But there are something to understanding when we will create keyboard shourtcut, such as: the important of function in Mixer area virtual dj for djing . 1. Low 2. hight 3. mid 4. volume level To deck A and deck B -------------------------- 5. efect 6. Loop 7. Cue/ Cue mix 8. stop/play 9. Beatmaching Although there are the default keyboard shortcut in virtual dj config, we can to change to be easear use it. Here s

How to equalize beat in virtual dj

PITCH BEND Djing using virtual dj software is very easy for us, especially in the equalize beat process. Just click SYNC knob two track in the Desk A and Desk B, the beat same directly. But sometimes I have expireinced, i'ts oke just click SYNC knob the track become of synchronize. but momment the song run on 10 second or 5 second, the beat is change. How I make the beat become equal? the answer it just simple. Using PITH BEND of function under pitch control . Just click minus or Plus in pitch bend and the beat two track become be same. But depend in condition the song. as like the picture besides. What is the track beat, preceding or under developed. PITCH BEND and SYNC of function in virtual dj software is very important to equalize beat momment we to djing. the function second it's each other interconnected in beatmaching of process. as like in cdj 1000 hardware for djing is moving the scrool or arrange pitch control to equalize BPM in track. sory, if my english language

Beatport march Top 10

hi.. Friend I have same new collection the track free for update your cd collection for djing with good quality mp3. You can burning to cd audio with nero software or other software what you have. If you using nero to burning this track don't forget activated "NORMALIZE ALL AUDIO", in order that all the volume become same. Beatport march top 10 2009 Genre : Trance : Progressive house : house Bitrate: 320 kbbs Dash Berlin With Cerf & Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run (Dash Berlin 4am Remix) lenght 9:43 Soliquid - Reversible (Original Mix) lenght 8:19 Cold Blue And Dennis Sheperd - Not Too Late (Noel Sanger Remix) lenght8:14 Rowald Steyn - Hold Control (Original Mix) lenght6:45 Daniel Portman - Open Your Mind (Dinka D.E.E.P Remix) lenght7:50 Dyor 2 Dyor - Vision (Big Emotion Mix) lenght/7:31 Mat Zo - Lucky Strike (Original Mix) lenght7:47 Ernesto vs Bastian-Laserbrain (Spicey Rework) lenght 8:50 Arnej - Strangers We Have Become (Tech Dub Mix)

how to convert cd to mp3 using nero 6

For the Pacifying our data track for djing using cdj 1000 or to create new compilation we must convert cd to mp3 format file or other fromat. Now I want to share for you about how to convert cd to mp3 file using NERO burning ver 6 ultra edition. I often do it in order that my data track to djing is peaceful.Many the software to convert cd to mp3 file but I'm better like using Nero because for the encoding result is very good.Nero ultra edition with keygen download here 1. insert your Audio cd to cdroom drive or dvd room 2. go to star program files, choose Nero, then select nero starmart then select music icon. If you haven't this software or wish knowing to edit track for djing click here to get link download nero 6 ultra edition. see picture: 3. choose RIP CD TRACK then click ok. 4. click on list track if you want to convert only one the track or more but if you wish convert all your track in the cd 5. in the Menu Output file format select PowerPack mp3 encoder Click menu SE

Tutorial dj using virtual DJ Part 2

Rythm Windows virtual dj/wav display. I am come back friend.. to continues my posting yesterday Tutorial dj using virtual DJ Part 1 . Now I want to explain about RYTHEM WINDOWS in virtual dj. What is the rythem windows of function? and how to using for mixing. see picture not beat matched . While djing rythem windows in use to knowing what is two track already have same or not. Easer to see that the peak(beat) of the the music are line up. such as BPM, PITH. And as a benchmark to make CUE. We can to be equalize two track with look at the rythem windows. the picture on above you can see Color red is track in Desk B, color blue the track on Desk A. Is't not same Beat. so, like what the rythem windows displayed that two track the same beat?? see picture below. The track of same beat will be look like this. From the picture on above we can see that two track has been to be paralel. How to equalized? just simple, this process it's: make cue point before it do. 1. load a track on

Denon DN-HC 4500 Mapper for vdj

Denon DN-HC 4500 Mapper for PC and mac Description: Advanced custom mapper for the Denon DN-HC4500 controller updated to be compatible with VirtualDJ v5.2 and both PC and Apple Mac. Features: * Compatible with both PC and Apple Macintosh. * Basic controls closely match those of a Denon CD player such as DND-D4500, including the loop buttons (Hot start/stutter points.) * Improved information display, including scrolling text, graphical display of crossfaders/faders and full use of the text displays for showing status information. * Multiple modes for the jogwheels: Pitch bending only, touch-sensitive bend/scratch, spinback, rapid song search and parameter adjustment/file browsing. * Multiple modes for the function buttons and parameter knob, allowing effects, video effects/transitions and samples to all be selected and controlled directly from the Denon DN-HC4500. * Effect buttons can be optionally used for direct selection of modes. * Assignable effect and function buttons that can be

Tutorial Dj using virtual DJ Part 1

Hello al my friend…! Do you want become an DJ?? become an dj can use 2 tool use cdj hardware or software.Now I want to be share for you about how to become Dj using virtualdj software with of detail pursuant to my experience. Using internal mixer setting Like this. Skin Dn S-3500 Suggestion Internal mixer Setting : Internal mixer Genre : House, Electro house Equipment of basic for DJ ROOM: Pc / laptop Headphone Pro Djing soundcard/usb sound Speaker Track collection for djing

Free CDJ1000 v4.0 skin for virtual DJ

Screen resolution: 1024 x 800 1024 x 768 1440 x 1024 This vdj skin for Virtual Dj 5.0 r or ver 5.2 pro Generally button of function for Djing: CUE : click button CUE or using Hot Cue 1,2,3 STOP : using keyboard with Key S or if you using Mouse Right click at CUE button to stop PITH BEND : disable Synchronize : keyboard SHIF + SPACE BAR Skin cdj 1000 v4.0 can be use for internal mixer setting or external mixer. But my suggestion better than using DN-S3500 Suggestion ( click at all my post label to find link download ) skin or HC4500 if you an beginner as Dj. To enable Pitch bend you set keyboard shortcut here . Download cdj 1000v4.0 here or sharechas depositfiles Other vdj skin: Cdj 2000 skin  Download here (depositfiles) Enjoy to Djing.

Top 10 beatport electro house 2009

Dj tips today: a. Always update new track everyday b. Clean your cd compilation before djing. and don't clean cd by turning around because can make broken recording media cd. Suggested by sideward. c. Knowing what your audience be satisfied with your service d. Relax and sure. don't panic momment djing. e. Turn around the song which in your audience asking if you have. here some track for update your collection cd. Artis : VA Album:Top 10 beatport electro house Release date:26.01.2009 Genre:Electro/house Length:76.15 min size: 155mb Bitrate:320kbbs/joint stereo 01 Wolfgang Gartner - Flashback (Original Mix) 02 JaimieFanatic, DJRockid - DoubleDutchBuzz (BreakdownMix) 03 Nadastrom - Pus*sy (Original Mix) 04 DJ Dan Monkey - Business (DJ Bam Bam Remix) 05 Olivier Giacomotto - Locomotto (Original Mix) 06 Cyberpunkers - Is Alternative (Uppermost Remix) 07 DynamiteMc & JackBeats - What (Original Mix) 08 Hard Waks Lady Waks Mr X - Records Back (Electrixx Remix)_ 09 Deadmau5 - Slip

simple Step mixing with virtual dj

Djing using virtual DJ there are two metode INTERNAL or EXTERNAL mixer of setting. Now I want share to you about, how to step mixing with virtual dj software ver 5.2 and I'm using DN suggestion skin. with internal mixer setting . Play this short video to see this tutorial. The simple Step mixing Video with virtual dj: Overral of process: Focus to Track 2 on the Desk B 1. load track on desk b 2. create cue 3. play track on desk B , when the track in desk A less 2 minute 4. do active CUE PHONE 5. click synchronize and listen in to your phone to known what knock has been same . If not same, click SINCRHONIZE or PITH BEND. 6. 15 second increase volume control track on desk B 7. Arrange the low, hight, mid second song 8. 30 second increase volume second track, and arrange Low, hight, mid 9. Low down first track 10 43 second increase the volume track on desk b 11. increase the volume of the two parallel tracks with the volume of the first track. 12 .Descend first song Volume on t

How to create cue on virtual dj

Because many friend ask to me about how to create CUE on the virtual dj correctly moment deejaying. They not understand way to create cue position correctly. they have to do is make important cue without knowing the techniques correctly. and when starting alway bad. Ok, here I want to share using this blog about how to create CUE on virtual dj software. CUE POSITION The CUE is determine the initial knock on the track. The Cue in use moment we djing using virtual dj or CDj. Why do must using CUE? because the Cue in use to the start play. How to create cue on virtual dj? look the picture. It's just for sample. I'm using Denon sugestion skin. on this picture track on the desk B is bad position CUE. green color determine for cue position rule. That you do just loading a track on the desk B. from the picture you can see that track on desk B not on the cue position (red color). Way to CUe is just do move or drug your track go to mid ruler position on Wav grafik, then click CUE/ST

Total control 1.1 skin for vdj 5.2

Total control skin 1.1 is a pair for Total control mixer hardware.Info detail Hardware here. If you have mixer mapper it's, this skin very suitable. This skin unsuitable for internal mixer setting at virtual dj software, because Cue mix phone button of function on the skin are disable . But many DJ in the world virtual dj user using it's skin. How to installation skin virtual dj total control and other skin ?? here step by step. 1. After download extract zip file then double click file total control 1.1.exe 2. Will be there is dialog form "install complete" 3. load your vdj software then go to menu SET or CONFIG 4. Go to Tab SKIN 5. next you just select skin total control 1280x800 or Yellow orange. 6. click ok. 7. enjoy Important! skin not support for virtual dj 4.3 Download skin total control: Link Have trouble please comment here.

Groo VDJ Skin for vdj 52

For live djing and mixing I think this skin is very good. I have been to try yesterday after download in member area at . Wonderful..! this skin has auto beatmatching betwen track in desk a and desk b. If you play a song in desk A, then you loading track on desk B and play too, track in desk B automatic will be followed the knock track in desk A. If you a beginner, this skin suitable for you. PITH BEND of function enable too for equalize beat. But unfortunately skin Groo vdj unsuitable for Internal mixer setting because Cue phone of function it disable. this skin just support for virtual dj 5.2 software with External mixer setting. The output sound of result very good for video and mp3 format. With additional re-loop button of function groo vdj skin very easer to deejaying. Are you curious?? please download free and try to mixing. Download here groo vdj Other skin for virtual dj: DNS 5000vdj52 Link Dn HC4500 for vdj 5.2 Link Scratch v6 for vdj 5.2 Link DN-S3500 sugge

Top selection song at beatport february 2009

Free music For dj's Only (beatport top february 2009 ) Genre: House electro house Progressive house Trance 1) Do You Remember - Club Mix John Dahlback (320kpbs) 2) Reach Out feat. Rowetta - Mobin's Vocal Mix Sweet Mercy (320kpbs) 3) Majuro - Original Mix Sebastien Leger (320kpbs) 4) I Love Rock N' Roll_Extended Mix Alex Gaudino, Jason Rooney (320kpbs) 5) 1999 - Original Mix Audiofly X (320kpbs) 6) Way Back - Clubzound Remix Ministry of Funk (320kpbs) 7) House Of God - Martin Landsky Remix D.H.S. (320kpbs) 8) Kuhle Fliege - Hugo Remix Matt Star (320kpbs) 9) Love In Stereo - Jerome Isma-Ae Remix Liquid Soul (320kpbs) 10) A Lot Of - Original Mix Alek Kenji (320kpbs) 11) Split - Original Mix Paul Ritch (320kpbs) Total file 195mb Download here ----- Top 12 song beatport february 2009 1 ) The Sky Was Pink - James Holden Remix Nathan Fake (320kpbs) 2) Reynosa Emilio Fernandez (320kpbs) 3) Emergency Dapayk Midnight (320kpbs) 4) Around The World (Edit) Daft Punk (320kpb

How to set Virtual dj Config to Djing Internal or External

Deejaying using Virtual DJ is very easy when we have been know all techniques dj. Because virtual dj software have been to design for djing, especially for ver 5.2 pro this version very powerful to djing. Sometimes I use it's to djing and sometimes use CDJ 1000. I have been experience how to to ease configuration on virtual dj. which is moment we action to become perfect. Because the default setting from virtual dj I think less good. That need we must to do Re-set such as: A. Auto pitch matching b. Auto gain c. Crossfader d. Maxload e. Auto cue All of function on virtual Dj very important when live action djing beside known the techniques. here is my experience to setting configuration in virtual dj so much easier when djing. Like this set auto pith matching : Always Set auto gain : Auto Set Crossfader : Full set maxload : Always Set Auto cue : Enable or always see picture: Go to Config or setup, then choose Option. Why must to set

Dj tips: how promote your mixtape by offline

Become of famous is the dream every Dj and all people in the world but for that we must do something. As like me to become famous in my area I do like this. And now I want to share for you. First. Burning in the cd or mp3 your mixtape. Create the cover and song list-with good music. attach your picture if necessary so that people easily know you.give also your contact on the cover cd. there are many ways for the promotion offline.such as below: 1.give free cd, mp3 format the mixtape to your friends. Friends usually share to more friends. and this way your name will be famous quickly.if your Mixtape are good,and they like I'm sure they will offer job.You want? 2.Come to the club, cafe or any place that plays songs according to genre that you play. also share a free cd, mp3 mixtape yours. surely they want. people rarely reject anything that's free. agree? This campaign not spent a lot of capital. you only capital to buy blank cd, cd cover label and cd case. very cheap is not i

How to create loop 32 on virtual dj

Create loop for arrange your song or track there is two way. Using software Audio editor or using virtual dj. Now I want tell to you about how to create loop on virtual dj use Record of function. Step by step create loop on virtual dj : My virtual dj skin is Dn-3500 suggestion Internal mixer. If you haven't download here But you can use other skin. for Better easy use Mix station Sv. v42 1280x 1024. but this skin very difficult. 1. Load to desk A or B, your track 2. Don't forget to create cue before. 3. Go to Record menu 4. Click config button and then set at RECORD FROM > select Master 5. At FILE click right button and then select where you will save the result or type direct your Title loop. 6. At FORMAT select Wav to format file result. Why choose Wav? because file format Wav is very good for audio. Then click OK. see picture >> 7. STARTING TO RECORD a. set at loop virtual dj "16" then set time as Elapse not remaining Create previous cue. it's up

How to promote your mix

Hi.. If you have already mixtape or own track and you don't know how to sale for to get money or just promote to other people. I have good news for you to promote your own mix, or mixtape. Go to , and then register free user and get 200mb space for more space available too. Just upgrade. I think very useful to increase your popularity as DJ. In this site have many member promote their mix and can build community. You just upload your own mix where is who all people and member listen your mix. If you have blog or site you can get money from their affiliate as referral. This site include Dj chart, Top 100, mixpromo and has 77,645 member registered. for other detail info please visit here .

How to edit tracks to djing

Sometimes we have track to djing and bad sound of quality when we play. such as, small volume, lot of noise or other. So, how to be edit in order that become good? I have tips to edit your tracks to become is good. I use Nero Burning Rom v6.3.0.6 software , so I select Nero wav editor . But you can using new version that you have. If you don't have you can download here here the step by step: 1. Go to star menu > Program > choose NERO 2. Select Nero wav editor 3. after that, go to file menu . look the picture 4. the dialog box will displayed, then select your track location in your computer and then choose your track to edit. click open. 5. Wait while proses loading track. 6. After your track have been load in the area nero wav editor, the wav grafik will displayed like this.. This is just sample my bad track. this track have small for volume. see picture. 7. After that, click edit, click select all or press CTRL+A to block track in area. Then, click menu EDIT again

Numark Total control mapper plug-in for vdj

This control is very easy to djing. If you djing use laptop and have total control, but need plug-in software here I have plug-in file . You must have this hardware to install plug- in file. Detail: MANUAL REVISION: 2.0 DATE: 15/10/2008 AUTHOR: MAX MORA DJ(MORAMAX) Numark TOTAL CONTROL MAPPER 2.0 PLUG-IN MANUAL for windows Download file plug-in and E-book manual for detail here. >> Total control download site:

For Djs Only 2009 ClubSelection

in addition to the techniques of good presentation to the audience, the popularity a dj also set in the collection of songs. Remember! audience is the number 1 for your popularity. so, new tracks we must always follow and we have. You can purchase via online or exchange with a friend. No problem if have own tack with your arrange, but if audience often hear. they will boring. Dj tips today : Update your new Tracks to increase your performing. Here some track for dj's only. For you. Artist: VA Title: For Djs Only 2009 02 Club Selection - 2CD (2009) Release Label: Universal Music Group Release Date: 27 Feb 2009 Genre: House Tracks: 20 Total Time: 135 min Total Size: 192 Mb Quality,Bitrate: VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo Tracklist: CD 1: 1. The killer - Human (Armin Van Buuren Club Remix) 2. Planet funk - Lemonade (Benny Benassi Remix) 3. Martin solveig Feat. Chakib Chambi - One 2, 3, Four (Ms Vox Mix) 4. Laurent Wolf Feat. Mod Martin - Seventies (Club Mix) 5. IL Genio - Po

Video :How to get Spirit when Djing

hi.. Friend !! This is my way to get spirit moment DJing. Sometimes when we Djing spirit we decrease and boring. so, what we do that? how to get our spirit go to back. here that I do to get my spirit. May be you do it too. Play this video. I often ask a friend or audiences who like to swing dance on a table near the Dj. And the result is always the spirit when I action. My performing increase suddenly. how about you?

Scratch v6.0 skin for virtual Dj 5.2

In the action have a dj who use the software there are many who also use the manual tool. For that you use a laptop or pc when djing, and often play a scratch skin Scratch v6.0. This is suitable for you. Virtual dj vendors have improved the function of the software on the vinyl. The scratch very good results almost the same as we use vinyl or tuntable. But for maximum results depending on the proficiency and techniques of scratching that we have. You can play on desk 1 then follow the song of knock. Download skin miror link here depositfiles

Setting External Mixer on virtual dj

because advances in technology are growing in the world at this time has been djing using Pc, boosted with a sound system that is good. Thing do this in the field of entertainment by the company with the goal of the cost operational. As like do that in a billiards place in the area that is Pancoran Bside billiard. Bside billiard using Virtual Dj software for continuous music and djing. I including those involved to re-set the dj software. many also use the laptop when djing. may be because it is simple and sparing. Djing using Virtual dj software 2 have the function of the Internal /External mixer and mixer setting. How , and what you need to External in the mixer in the virtual Dj ?? below the steps: a. Equipments PC / LAPTOP - Intel dual core processor or more - At least 1 gb ram or more (recommended 2 gb for Ram) - 160 GB hdd or more - 2 sound output (usb or card) - Headphones - Virtual dj software (ver. 4x - 6.0 pro) - Sound system - Mixer channel 2 or 4 for dji

Tutorial : create mixtape easy sue CDJ 1000

step 1: select songs that play well and then make a list. Write in the paper if necessary step 2: Comprehend composition of all the songs that you will make the mixtape. Early songs, mid, and end of the song because it makes it easier on us when mixing. Step 3:Ascertaining all the normal track and there is no jump. because if a song is usually normal at the time of making mixing mixtape will be easy. Step 4 :Equalized all BPM songs become 130 to genres such as house, Electro house. using virtual dj software or other software that you have If you are not sure with the results of mixing not clean. Because if one song at the time of mixing is not clean, we would not have to repeat again from the beginning. but if you can use to improve the software such as Nero wav editor, cool edit and other problems not only continue the process of mixing. step 5: Additional equipment is Pc / laptop to record the results of mixing. Software to record the many circulating on the internet s

DJ Tips: how to improve our perfoming as a dj

This is my experience as a dj for this to improve our performing at djing 1. Come to the club or entertainment in a place that also have dj. then ask that we can play even if briefly. or sit and listen to music played dj at the place. than barter our goal is to measure the game we djing. 2. listen to other dj's mixtape is already famous. like dj tiesto, or DJ in the area who is well known. listen to movement in the track-switching in the mixtape. 3. create mixtape and listen to yourself carefully. whether or perfect mixing is still rough. from the mixtape to listen to their own we can know the mistakes in mixing the song. 4. exchange ideas with the dj that we know better. 5. continue to follow the development of the songs or the commercial songs that many people like in the appropriate genre of music we play. if you do not know what it is mixtape: mixtape is a collection of songs that mixing on track to be one or several tracks. have any other tips? please comment next ar