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DJ now easier

Last year produced pioneer CDJ 1000 mk 3 and it was very good for djing with features and functions that are fairly complete. I'm not going to tell me again what the CDJ 1000 mk3 because I'm sure most already knew. If you don't know here I tell you. As a producer dj equipment Pioneer now more indulgent of the wearer, especially the dj in the world by launching a new product that is CDJ 2000. you've ever tried it? it is increasingly easy to djing. why? CDJ 2000 supports media flash disk containing the mp3 files. Of course, this makes it easier because we are always dependent on an audio cd to djing. Problem sound quality was satisfactory and did not lose much if the appeal audio cd format. What are the additional features on the new dj tool you can find it here. Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multi Player . Price and features functions can you see. I've tried it yesterday in the Studio DJ and it is very easy to djing when we have mastered the technique dj. Like

video make shortcut keyboard at virtual dj 6

Virtual dj tutorial this time is how to create a keyboard shortcut at virtual dj 6. And before I had made his tutorials for virtual dj v.5. here . But because for how to make different, so I reset again but it's easier for using script code. Using virtual dj software without a digital mixer is difficult because we only rely on mouse. when mixing the song become less free because it only uses one hand. especially if you use the laptop without using the controler,such as: Numark total control, bcd 3000,hercules dj console and others you can visit for more detailed. Before making keyboard shortcuts in the virtual dj v.6 we should first think about what buttons to be created. Below are the buttons on my experience so far as to use it for djing, although sometimes. Sorry i use screen keyboard windows. You can use another KEY what you like. Here is the most important for Key. volume level equalizer cross-fader Effect Play Stop Cue Sampler Loop Beatma

way to cut the mixtape track by track

hi guys... What you have a mixtape that has a long time about 60 - 70 minutes and you want to cut into some of the tracks ? yes, Im sure you would have because you an DJ . Here i have a way how to do it. There are two way but this way I think easy better. I use Nero software. Below: 1. Run your nero burning room (startsmart) software then choose make audio cd . This for making of the project an audio cd. You can use Nero software v.6, 7 , 8, 9) .Download nero 7 sn : part1 part2 2. Put your mixtape to audio cd project. 3. Right click your mixtape then choose Properties. 4. On dialog of menu choose "indexes, limit, split" 5. Wait for loading audio wav display and the time to loading is depending your Pc Ram. then select the section which will be in pieces. the right is the displacement at the track so that when the appropriate and fitting listen. 6. then click "split", You will see a yellow line which means it is the part that will be divided. To determine the song