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cdj 400 with djm 700 skin for virtualdj

Hello friend...For you who like the skin Pioneer CDJ 400 + DJM 700 in software VirtualDJ, now you can download via a link on my blog. This skin supports VirtualDJ v.5 - latest version. what it looks like please see the picture. What advantages can you know after installing it. I have tried setting the internal mixer and support. So you can use both settings. Internal or external mixer.The screen resolution skin 1024 x 768. cdj 400 with djm 700 skin How to install the skin cdj 400+djm700 in to virtualdj? Just copy paste file -PIONEER CDJ to folder --C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\VirtualDJ\Skins. Download skin. Don't extract. Then go to Config, choose the Tab Skin, select the skin pioneer cdj 400+djm700 . Click ok.

virtualdj 7.0 home version

hello guys.." Have you tried the software VirtualDJ v.70? When compared with the previous version is v.6.0 which only has 2 decks, version 7.0 I think it's good because the skin is served has a 2-99 decks (multi-deck). As the picture below. It is easier for us when mixing the song. virtualdj 7.0