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how to create wordclass sound quality songs

hello all my friends" ..Do you want to create your own songs sound quality world-class? I have information on how to do it. It's very easy without having to have knowledge of audio mastering. without a recording studio, without a headache to edit audio data one by one. ok, below is how: I use auto mastering audio software . although this trial version for 21 days, but as long as I use not the limit. Means you can use all features such as full versions. I've tried and the results were incredible. results after mastering use of this software is very different from before.

New release remix :Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way

Every day the music world there are always new songs or new remix of the composer / remixer/dj. These days my friends with michael Brun has issued the remix single is taken from a song singer Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way. This is a disco style music (summer theme) with good sound quality. below the release him. Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way (Idriss Chebak ft. Michael Brun Sound Of Summer Dub) That I know michael brun has made a lot of remixes. You can listen his others remix  from soundcloud.michael In this blog I just to  help him to promote.Hope to coloring the world of music and be a motivation for other djs to release their new song.

Dj skill tips part3

Hello guys..This article is continuation of from Improve dj skill part2 and this is last part. Which I share about how to improve the ability of the dj technique a DJ. For the first part of the dj skill tips please read on - set your skill as dj . well, here detailed. Demo CDs versus Live Sets Demo CDs (formerly known as “mix tapes ”) are your opportunity to show an audience your very best work; your ability to craft the best mixes and choose the best records to express a certain theme or idea. For these reasons, many DJs choose to carefully plan their CD sets and spin them again and again until they are as fl awlessly mixed as possible. Other DJs, however, believe that their style is best refl ected in unplanned sets, spun on the fl y and recorded. These DJs believe that spinning a set over and over takes the “freshness” out of spinning a set, so they choose to spin and record a different set each time, until they create something with which they are satisfied.