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Friday, 2 July 2010

Dj skill tips part3

Hello guys..This article is continuation of from Improve dj skill part2 and this is last part. Which I share about how to improve the ability of the dj technique a DJ. For the first part of the dj skill tips please read on - set your skill as dj. well, here detailed.

Demo CDs versus Live Sets

Demo CDs (formerly known as “mix tapes”) are your opportunity to show an audience your very best work; your ability to craft the best mixes and choose the best records to express a certain theme or idea. For these reasons, many DJs choose to carefully plan their CD sets and spin them again and again until they are as fl awlessly mixed as possible. Other DJs, however, believe that their style is best refl ected in unplanned sets, spun on the fl y and recorded. These DJs believe that spinning a set over and over takes the “freshness” out of spinning a set, so they choose to spin and record a different set each time, until they create something with which they are satisfied.

However you choose to make your demo CD set, be sure it is as flawless as possible. If you are just handing them out to friends, it may not matter if there are a few mistakes. However, if you’d like to perform, there are simply too many DJs today to expect that promoters will choose a CD with train wrecks on it over one spun fl awlessly. If a DJ can’t spin well in the comfort and peace of their own home, why should a promoter believe they will do well with the pressure of an audience, unfamiliar gear, and much bigger sound?

Some DJs wonder about editing out train wrecks and other mistakes in their mixes, using computers and software. It is indeed possible to remove many mistakes using these programs. However, for new DJs, the process of developing and perfecting your demo CD is part of the training process needed to prepare for performing. If you “cheat,” and edit your mix, you are not offering the promoter an accurate representation of your mixing ability. Since performing is far more challenging than spinning alone at home, you can expect to
make many more mistakes live if you have not perfected your skills at home.

Once DJs have established themselves as solid performers, some choose to make “studio mixes” that involve much editing and enhancing of the mixes through a variety of processes. At this point, it is not cheating to use this approach because the DJ has already proven his or her ability to perform live, and is actually employing a new set of skills designed to take their mix CDs to the next level.

Bad set

Every set will not be perfect, or even acceptable. Many DJs have significant stage fright due to the fear of delivering a less-than-stellar performance. It’s true that standards have become quite high for DJs, but those standards are mostly within the DJ community and not as much among audiences. Audiences have become more savvy, and they do hear and respond loudly to outright train wrecks. However it’s the other DJs you know, and  yourself, that will notice every little tiny mistake, slipped beat, or botched harmony in your set.
One of the best ways to overcome stage fright is to have an awful night and survive.

Many DJs fear that they will be laughed at, or never called for another gig, or shunned by the DJ community if they deliver a bad set. The reality is that everyone has a bad night now and then even the DJs that have been spinning for 20 years or more. As long as you generally deliver quality sets, you will be completely forgiven for the occasional bad night. Try to learn from the experience … should you have practiced more? Did you play tracks you hadn’t yet mastered? Was there a piece of gear you need to get more familiar with? Did you have one beer too many? As long as you learn from your mistakes, your sets will get better and your bad nights will be fewer and further between.

The zone

Your sets will ultimately defi ne who you are as a DJ. They are the fi nal result of your practicing, your musical selection, your skills, and your personal style. Rather than get too caught up in the technical details of your set, try to let your musical “soul” shine through. Some DJs refer to spinning a good set as “getting in the zone.” Once you can let go and stop overthinking every detail, you know you’re on your way to delivering unique and crowd-pleasing sets. Practicing often and with many different records will free you up to try new things and to take risks when you perform. 

You will also find yourself more open to interacting with your crowd, responding to the unique factors of the night, and worrying less about small mistakes in your performance. Taking risks and making yourself somewhat vulnerable are, as with many musical pursuits, essential to making the leap from bedroom hobbyist to a seasoned performer that people will line up to see again and again. Actually many other tips about how to improve your dj skill as dj. Like djing on Ibiza (the dream djs). I think you will understand later when you are djing. Experience and your ability will increase if often appear in public.

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