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Denon DN HC4500 variations new skin for vdj 5.2 pro

many dj in the word when action using Virtual dj software and Cdj 1000. If you using virtual dj software here I have just now update my software skin. I use just for mixing but sometime If lazy I use virtual dj software to live djing..ha..ha. Skin Denon DN HC4500 variations new skin for vdj 5.2 pro is very good for dj live and mixing. But if your screen resolution under 1440 this skin can't full displayed. Your screen display must support with 1440x900. Detail: Name: Denon DN HC4500 variations Author: DJ FORMAT - Ultra-VIP Member - For Pc not suport Mac Date added: Mon 04 Aug 08 @ 1:00 am Last update: Mon 04 Aug 08 @ 3:56 pm Installation: just double click file HC4500, after your download. Then go to Config menu, choose skin and select Hc4500 skin. Link>> or here Miror here depositfile

Tip blank cd choose to make a good compilation cd djing.

hello friend .. this is my experience so far in the use of blank cd to make a compilation cd for djing. below which there is some good in selecting blank cd. as like my article before 1. choose a blank cd thick. why? always stable when the optical reading cdj 1000. different blank cd with a thin, sometimes when we play the songs often jump. 2. choose a blank cd quality is guaranteed, so we cd compilation durable. brands such as sony, verbatim, jt pro.! I and many friends who wear the brand as durable and secure when in use for djing. but also depends on the tools that we use djing. djing tool if we are still new and normal, thick or thin cd I think does not matter. but better to make a compilation cd djing using a thick blank cd. so that when the safe-use kit. if you have other suggestions, please give a comment here .ok?

easy way to make CUE at the cdj 1000

Cue is to create a star to play the beginning of the song. mixing in the success of the technique also specify cue. What is? the easy way like this: play music, and then listen to the voice search "Duk" or "TAK", and press the pause button. after that press the cue. Done. if not re-appropriate try again .cue that is good at 0, 10.15 bar or on the duration of 1, 10.15 seconds. . good luck. if you not understand please ask through the comment form.

Virtual dj effets and skin

You certainly are not foreign to the virtual Dj software , which is software that uses a lot of good for live action or mixing. below I have provided a special you like the song mixing using virtual dj. effects in this much use for the mixing process at the time live. There are also skin for virtual dj ver 4.3 to ver 5.2 pro. some skin only support for virtual dj pro ver 5.2 pro, but you can choose according to preference. Effects 16-band Equaliser TK Filter V2 32-band Equaliser backspin CDJ1000 v4.0 subbass Phase Shifter Mix Station SV v4.2 LoopOut Long_brake Forward_Reverse Flanger_TexZK Cut Crossfader_Curves Flippin Doubles Tk filter v2 long break Full reverse faderstar denon inspire 5 (skin) Denon black (skin) side loop bandi djosdelay Jetlag And more New Effect EchoOut Flanged LoopOut Inverse RIAA 1.0 Isolator LFO_bmh_v2 Matrix v1.1 polarity SpecialBalance XFade How to Install effect? Exstrack rar file after download with the soft

Skin virtual dj DN-S3500 Suggestion

Skin virtual dj DN-S3500 Suggestion This skin is simple and very easy to use. Many dj on the world use this skin .support for Virtual dj ver 4.3 - 5.07 r, latest version. After download double click file DN-S3500 Suggestion.exe . install complete (automatic to vdj skin folder).. tutorial vdj use skin dn-s3500 to djing here to download for vdj 5.2 skin denon-dn-hc4500-variations upadate here Link download skin:

dj tutorial volume control step song commutation

(dj tutorial volume control step song commutation. set Low, hight, mid) this is the most light for a dj if he is not the technique or because this is the section on assessment. Dj do have a robust track moves, there are also fine. so that the movement does not know the song. But the most preferred listener is a way to prese nt can read what listener so that the will take pride. ok, I just tell my experience about how to begin the process of switching tracks. 1. we need nt the song.This means making listener can not be bored. he can choose which songs will be played, ato know how many BPM (beat per minute) the first track, and approximately at the where we will to move. so difficult? generally in 2 minutes like the first song out on the track that is the second time should be played. the play is with the first rap song. identify the two songs with BPM the first track. identify the second track through the mixer cue phone you, until the two are analogous. if difficult equal to its

music for djs Power House 69

as like I said in my article that update new is very important to increase your performing and get spirit moment deejaying... song for dj's VA - Italia Power House 69 Release date : 02.10.2009 Artist ...... : VA 01. Alex Van Bass Aka DJ Solovey - Ole Ole 2009 (Radio Edit) 03:51 02. Armand De France Feat[1]. Ange - I Say Ride on (Djs form Mars Remix Instrumental) 06:37 03. Bon Jovi - It's My Life (Marthez Remix) 03:38 04. David_Guetta_-_Don't_Let_Me_Go_(Atlantix_Remix) 05:40 05. David_May_-_Superstar_(Extended_Mix) 06:16 06. DJ Solovey - Calabria 2009(Radio Edit ) 04:59 07. DJ_Maurice_-_Lets_Get_Louder_(Extended) 03:51 08. Junior Caldera - The Way (Hell Ektrik Remix) 07:05 09. Laurent Wolf - Seventies (Radio Edit) 03:20 10. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (Eclipse DJ Club Remix 2009) 05:26 11. Liz_Kay_-_Youre_Not_Alone_2009 (Micha_Moor_Remix) 06:00 12. Mauro Picotto - Lizard

way of equalizing song to be in parallel moment in playing at cdj 1000

After we understand how to equalize the beat as in Dj tutorial of video of tecnic beatmaching , when our action surely often experience of the song run the ( jumping beat) although BPM is of equal and normal song, I think often we experience action as Dj. And I even also often experience of first before soybean cake its technique. For example Song at player 1 BPM 130, song at player 2 also 130 BPM, so at the time of us play by following first song knock its simple is " DUK" Song 1. In 10 second song Bar always under developed beat ( unlike first song) and we have to continuously push the scrool at CDJ 1000, very busy? ok, how to be always in parallel? Its way by equalizing value PITH . Sometime we only have directive at value BPM which as described at CDJ 1000 till not see the value PITH For example: song 1 bpm 130 pith + 0.145 % song 2 bpm 130 pith + 0.110 % It's not some? though knock is of equal if us play together . but most at 8 bar - 10 quantificati


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hightbeat for DJ

hi.. I have song hightbeat for deejaying. This song is very good to get up andrenalin audien moment you action djing. here this song. year 2008 2009 Genre house/trance 1. starchaser_feat1_lo-fi_sugar_-_so_high__thomas_schwartz_and_fausto_fanizza_remix 2. liquid_soul-love_in_stereo__jerome_isma-ae_remix__0daymusic_org_ 3. armin_van_buuren_feat_sharon_den_adel_-_in_and_out_of_love__richard_durand_remix 4. maurizio_gubellini-high_tension__original_mg_mix_320 link: download 1 download 2 download 3 download 4 For upload and download fast here>>> I waiting your comment:

Good track list for djs only

 Hello some the track list good song for djs only. Genre house, tribal house, latin house. Cansis - It' s Alright It' s Ok ( Cansis Nu Electro Mix ) Carlos Gallardo And Juanjo Martin - Loves Killer (Mora & Naccarati Sao Paulo Remix) Chab & JD Davis Vs Ann Nesby & The Muthafunkaz - Get High (Its Easy) Cheer 123 trib mix.mp3 Chris Lake & LYS - We Can Rise La Tromba (Stereo Palma Mashup) Claudia Cream ft. Fatman Scoop - Just a Little Bit (Deepside Dejays Remix) Clubzound - Close Cover 2k10 (Dirty Dutch Remix) +1 Clubzound - Happy People (Ibiza Mix) Clubzound - Imagine At Ibiza - Terrace Mix. Clubzound - Organs Groove - Dirty Dutch Mix. Clubzound - Organs Groove - Electro Clubz's Mix Codar - Fokus (Original Mix) Come Back To Me Cookie - Dancing Elephant (Original Mix)

DJ Tutorial creating Compilation CD

Tips for Creating compilation CD First moment I become the Dj and not yet known how to make the cd compilation which is good to deejaying, which conducting is Burning of song without think the length until not made available by a place again. Its meaning is we know that cd own total of capacities 700 mb and 80 minute for the duration of. what is going on at the time of the cd I play ? Track 7- its 11 songs a lot jump at the time of played, and that very complicating. because our have to be non-stoped to equalize the knock / beat by pushing scrool at cdj tool. What often jump in 15 bar or 15 song second in cd. But at track 1 – 6 there no problem, song walk normal. Finally I try to make the cd for the deejaying of by 5 song of per cd And its result [is] very gratifying. If its genuine song is true nicely, at the time of I play very rare jump. For the quality of cd which we use to make the compilation cd deejaying also very determining. In marketing of a lot of sold cd blank.

My Colection Top electro house paradis for DJing 2009

As like I tell in my article before , in order that update new song is very important for A Dj to performing increase. I get this from my forum. I think it's very useful for you to valentine day.. some song have vocal that good. Top electro house paradise 2009. Genre: Electro House/house Store Date: Jan-26-2009 Source: CDDA # Tracks: 26 # CDs: 2 Lenght: 02.36.48 Encoder: Lame 3.97 Quality: 256 kbps / VBR Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz Tags: ID3 v1.0, ID3 v2.3 Nonstop mix: no Archive size: 219 mb cd 01: 01 Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Partouze 06:46 02 Jason Rivas - Carnivale (Original Club Mix) 06:47 03 Christian Hinzer & Chriss Ortega - The Groove 05:31 04 Norman Doray - Krystal (Dabruck & Klein Remix) 05:19 05 Klaas - Feel the Love (Original Mix) 06:19 06 DJ Delicious & Loulou Players - Rock Da Beat ( 07:14 07 DJ Pearl & Last Vegas - Sexy Girl (Malibu Bree 07:41 08 Dubgroove - It’s Back 07:08 09 Sharon Pass & Greg Gibbs - Call My Nam


I confidence surely we have seen a DJ in doing its action use the Software of like, Virtual DJ, Tractor Dj, Deckdance, and other which is a lot of circulating in internet. Inclusive of me also now still use it. What I use is Virtual Dj ver 5.2 pro. I very taking a fancy to in the case of mixing, beatmaching and very easy in comprehending. But when my action remain to use the VDJ 1000 like picture of below. Because I feel satisfied and more in spelling out members there as artistic as. And also good voice quality because using CD of format audio. Other the things of by using software. Possible from peaceful and cosier side feature software of Action moment. Very rare when action us experience of the SONG JUMP ( song jump the beat) because engine from software have equalized correct it. Do you agree?? Hereunder I write down the excess and insuffiency [of] each among CDJ and Software of according to my experience and friend: CDJ TOOL Excess: 1. nicer Voice quality ( Format