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Monday, 2 February 2009


I confidence surely we have seen a DJ in doing its action use the Software of like, Virtual DJ, Tractor Dj, Deckdance, and other which is a lot of circulating in internet. Inclusive of me also now still use it. What I use is Virtual Dj ver 5.2 pro. I very taking a fancy to in the case of mixing, beatmaching and very easy in comprehending. But when my action remain to use the VDJ 1000 like picture of below.

Because I feel satisfied and more in spelling out members there as artistic as. And also good voice quality because using CD of format audio. Other the things of by using software. Possible from peaceful and cosier side feature software of Action moment. Very rare when action us experience of the SONG JUMP ( song jump the beat) because engine from software have equalized correct it. Do you agree??

Hereunder I write down the excess and insuffiency [of] each among CDJ and Software of according to my experience and friend:



nicer Voice quality ( Format CD)
public in various place Entertainment, club always there.
in using its very easy ( knob of a little).
4. for the style of in action more good
A lot of in wearing in all the world.
Quality voice the nicer moment Mixing.
More making we become creative
8. easier for scratching
We are more challenging so that more creative
10.Familiar in society

Lacking of:

  1. slimmer Function Loop in comparing software.
  2. Often song jump at bar quantification
  3. More amount hence CD to collect the song so that when too much hard us find it. And that sometime make the us become to sulk and disturb the focus of moment deejaying.
  4. Weight in bringing everywhere.
  5. Action moment sometime we need the hard work. For lack of nya full of song graph at appliance, so that we must listen the second song ahead to know the time or second detail song ( except us have memorized).

  6. auto Function inexistence of beatmaching. If there is even also sometime do not precise.
  7. Its expense is costly to own it.
  8. and more may be you have idea.


  1. Very peaceful and easy to wearing for beginner in equalizing knock ( beatmaching). Because software own the auto function of beatmaching.

  2. function Loop of more amount and always synchrony and precisely according to knock.

  3. easier song Seeking moment and quickly. Only by typing at column search.

  4. our Song database more amount because using format of other Mp3 or format. So that we is not disturbed have to always BURN CD.

  5. in comparing CDJ tool. Only use the PC / our notebook standard have used its.
  6. Very easy to make MIXTAPE
  7. clearer Song graph. So that seemly is just just graph is we can know where us have to do conduct the song transfer.
  8. Easy to in making play list. More clear its download demo version here >>
  9. And a lot of again its excess. For you use surely know.

Lacking of:

  1. its quality output is very far in comparing CDJ tool. Because using file mp3 or other is which is in compress ( decrease).
  2. because function automatic sometime make the us become less expand, although we very in pampering because cosier and easy to [in] comparing CDJ 1000, in course of mixing.
  3. In the case of style more good hence CDJ
  4. For the SCRATCHING OF difficult. Except external hence tool.
  5. If we change over to our CDJ tool of difficulty. Because at CDJ tool do in manual.
  6. Arrangement LOW, HIGT, MIDLE at the time of crossing more difficult because using mouse or keyboard if internal software using of mixer setting. for detail here for the arrangement of Internal of mixer setting. Suggested by if using more external software hence mixer, and two good output sound of Card Or USB sound. Detail here>>

This is according to my experience. Possible other friend have the experience differ the moment deejaying. And any its conclusion is which we use the goodness CDJ 1000 or that VDJ software our choice. I think supporting popularity of a DJ is its PERFORMING and way of it's presentations to audience. Agree??

I you have some idea please comment here..

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lost in transmision - electro mix

electro war (club mix)- rock rockwell

General lee (main mix) - nari and melani vs mathias

go DJ...


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