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Sunday, 26 March 2017

The first day with Virtual DJ 8, for beginner

Digital DJ has opened an art for millions, but as with any new hobby, the first step can feel scary - especially when you have to learn to use the software and hardware together to try their hand at DJ skills for the First time. It is where this series is the new "Your first day with ..." aims to help: It is addressed directly to the digital DJ for the first time that you put your hands on this particular software.

The first day with Virtual DJ 8, for beginner

In this first article, we focus on one of the most used DJ applications in the world: Virtual DJ 8. We all you need to know to install it on your computer show, how to get on the right track and How to use it without a driver so you can quickly get to rocker! No detour, just a guideline to start now.

Paid vs. Free

Before you start downloading and configuring Virtual DJ 8, we will quickly discuss the differences between the different versions: a free version of "Home User" and "Advanced User Home" and "Professional User" is paid.


Main Power User

License "Advanced User Home" gives full use of a DJ controller without time restriction. The price of the license varies from the US $ 49 to the US $ 199, depending on which controller you have. I recommend checking this page on your site to determine how much it costs for the controller. Note that if you intend to get cash DJ with Virtual DJ 8 does not aim to do with this license as it is considered to use "professional" of it.


"User Home" version can be downloaded from the website and used for free for the time you want. It is so you can try Virtual DJ 8, "provided they do not use for professional purposes" (i.e., not making money using it as a DJ, but somehow Recording or outside.) There is also a 10-minute trial period that you can connect and use the DJ controller you each time the Virtual DJ 8 spear, which is an excellent way to Check how the device works with the software before committing to buy.

See also  : How to set VIrtual dj 8 home version for mixing

Professional users

DJs mobile, club DJ or people who win by doing with Virtual DJ license 8 "professional user" is what is needed. It provides access and full use of all current and future driver DJs and also the only option that allows you to create your custom applications for dj controllers that do not work with Virtual DJ 8 directly in the box.

There are two types of licenses for business users: Infinity Pro, which is a one-time payment of US $ 299, or Subscriber Pro, which is a monthly payment of US $ 19. It gives you all the license benefits for professional use With access to all controllers.

I think $ 19 is a great value if you plan to take the controller and Virtual DJ 8 concerts in bars etc., and are allowed I suggest you if you want DJ with a driver, especially if you are In doubt for the driver plans to buy shortly.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tip Choose DJ Controller for Virtual DJ 8

Virtual DJ 8 is currently one of the most powerful and widely used DJing programs in the world. However, in order to get the best out of the program, you need to have a DJ controller that suits both the program as well as your personal tastes. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the best controller for your Virtual DJ 8 package.

Tip Choose DJ Controller for VirtualDJ 8 (1) - First of all, do not choose a controller that will limit you.

When you make the initial investment in Virtual DJ 8, you are taking on one of the most powerful programs in the world. Honestly, DJ controllers that are in the $100 to $300 range will likely not be able to take advantage of all of the audiovisual and effects options that the Virtual DJ 8 package gives you. Being a DJ is all about flash and flair as you present the music, so you need to be able to take advantage of everything that the Virtual DJ 8 package can do for you.

Tip Choose DJ Controller for Virtual DJ 8

Tip Choose DJ Controller for VirtualDJ 8 ( 2) - Be sure to invest in a controller that is physically right for you.

The most expensive controllers may actually be too wide for you to handle depending on your wingspan! Make sure to test them how you will actually be playing them in the store before just plunking down a bunch of money on four separate controllers and a mixer.

Although separate controllers and a mixer will give you the best feature set, you may want to stick to a high end all-in-one if you are a smaller DJ.

Tip Choose DJ Controller for VirtualDJ 8 (3) - Choose a brand of DJ controller that will last you for a long time.

Pioneer has built controllers that are made to be compatible with the Virtual DJ 8 program, and they have been known to survive harsh conditions. The DDJ SR, R1, or the DDJ SX are likely your best options. However, the Vestax VCI-380 and the Gemini g2v both give good competition in the space. From here it is truly about your individual tastes.

Please check this page for more info

Regardless of what you pick, invest in a case for your controller. If you are taking the controller on airplanes, then prepare for a time consuming wait unless you take advantage of pre-boarding options that some flights now offer!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Simple tips on converting audio to text written

It’s usually a tough task getting specific information when you’re referencing to an audio file that was recorded after a broadcast, interview, phone call or meeting. Simple audio to text transcription may allow you some easy access to this information through high value and searchable documents. You require a software audio to text converter for your recordings so that you may read, organize, archive as well as search the information for later use.

You have just ended some long meeting with a potential customer. During this meeting, you recorded a conversation that you need to reference later. You start working the designs for your client. However, you are unable to recall the particular details that you discussed during that meeting.

Instead of going back, and listening through the hours of audio for the sentence during which you went through the details, you decide in having the audio converted to text through some transcription service. The audio to text transcription service will provide you with readable document which lets you easily search for those missing details.

And instead of exchanging countless emails or searching through the audio file trying to recall exactly what the customer needed during your meeting, you’re able to accurately complete the project and your clients are going to be satisfied with your work.

Converting audio to text is more than a mere quick reference for a particular project. It’s all to do with saving you money and time which you could be better off spending on productivity as opposed to wasting your time in listening to audio recordings, or trying yourself to transcribe the document.

The following are some simple steps to converting audio to text

There are several services which provide audio transcription. They do not come cheap. There are various audio to text transcription software, but they normally need you to transcribe files to a particular format. However, most of the files sometimes fail to transcribe. But the following simple steps may guarantee you 90 percent success.

Simple tips on converting audio to text

For this method, you are going to use three applications

· Virtual Audio -Cable Software

· Google Chrome Browser (Note: The API runs only on this browser)

· Media Player (and any will do)

Step One:

Open the Google Chrome browser, typing this website: http:// www. /intl/ en/ chrome /demos/speech.html - Go to site

· On the link, you are going to discover the only input there is your mic. When you try running any type of file in the background, it will not convert into text. Therefore, you should try making a virtual link between the mic and the speakers. In order to perform this task, you’ll require the second software found on the list. The software connects virtually the speaker output to the mic output.

Step Two:

Download and then install the software ( trial version as of the administrator).

· Go to Control Panel, opening Sound

· In recording devices and playback devices tabs, ensure you set Line One to default. (Don't worry, the program will be doing this)

There you are! The site now thinks that your speaker's audio output is the mic input. You should test this through running the file, and- clicking Google Speech API-the mic button. When utilizing this trial version of the software, it says randomly “trial” each and every time. However, Google ignores it and begins translating. (This is perfect!).

Again, there you go! You’re now set to transcribe any type audio to text. Quite simple, is it? And the other good thing: Google is going to let you email this to any person!

Step Four:

· After completing transcription, it’s now time setting everything back to normal. In order to perform this, you should return to control panel, opening Sound in both the recording and playback tab. Choose your default speakers as well as mic (the one having “ready” below it,clicking on Set Default.

Step Five:

· For precise transcription services, you should also try using https: // speech to text providing free trial so that you may familiarize yourself with quality of the services. This you’ll do without paying anything for the service.

Note that when asked if there is an audio to text converter which is 100 percent perfect, all people say that they have not found one. It’s impossible, for instance, to get a 100 percent accurate transcription for: I’m meeting Barrack Obama at twenty will you come too?

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

4 Best Laptops For Audio Video Production, check this

The digital audio/video (AV) production process has long been associated with the use of giant towers that are packed with state of the art computer editing equipment. Those days might be coming to an end, as AV editors are no longer tied to their desks.

Quick editing changes can now be made from poolside or at your favorite coffeehouse with one simple click on the keyboard. Top AV editors are constantly looking for laptops that offer ultra-fast processing capabilities and superior versatility to effortlessly transfer a wide range of files in different formats.

4 Best Laptops For Audio Video Production, check this

Here are the best laptops for AV production:

1. Apple MacBook Pro

The specs for the Apple MacBook Pro will have all AV editors envious, as the laptop display allows individuals to make the necessary edits while the full user interface remains on their screen. The internal system is top-notch; with plenty of flash drive storage capability and the widely popular Intel processor to bring difficult files to life.

The one drawback to Apple’s AV editing programs (Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compress) are they’re only compatible with the OS X system, so you will need a MacBook Pro laptop to use these sophisticated AV production programs.

2. Hewlett Packard 17 Mobile Workstation

If you’re looking for the ultimate desktop alternative, then the Hewlett Packard 17 Mobile Workstation might be the best laptop for audio video production. The 17-inch display monitor might not be the ideal companion for editors that constantly travel, as this laptop might not be conducive for making quick editing changes on cross-country flights.

However, they will love the multiple ports available to transfer files in any format provided. Plus, the built-in SD card allows an editor to immediately export the project in sections to the client.

3. ASUS 6513X-X3

This 15-inch laptop is one of the most versatile units on the market, largely because it offers a high-end graphics card and detailed audio system that simplifies the AV production process. With all of these top-line configurations, it’s hard to imagine that ASUS doesn’t offer much in the potential of upgrading your laptop, which is rare in this ever-changing digital world.

Despite the long-term limitations, this laptop can go head-to-head with any other brand and come out the victor in completing complicated assignments ahead of schedule. First-timed editors must consider ASUS is the best laptop for audio video production, but you may need to purchase additional equipment if you need a more advanced editing system.

4. Dell XPS 15

No question that the Dell has made a significant upgrade in the technology offered inside each of their laptops. Beginning AV production companies that are looking to make a name for themselves should look to Dell, as they offer high-resolution laptops at reasonable prices. Each model has a built-in three-way card reader, which makes importing footage from a hand-held camera a much easier process during tight deadlines.

The best laptop for audio video production has transformed the editing process into a mobile enterprise where the user can edit on-location rather than in an office. The technological advancements inside laptops have allowed editors to be flexible in where they can set up shop without jeopardizing completing projects on time.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Start Downloading Music With These Quick And Easy Tips

What sort of tips can one find about music downloads? Is there a list available that covers all of the basics that I need to know? Will I be able to find a single article that truly provides me with the information I just can't find elsewhere? Yes, check it out below!

If you are on the Internet looking for free music downloads, you have to be extremely careful. Downloading music without paying is illegal and is punishable by law. Another reason you want to avoid this is because hackers use music downloads as a way to send viruses to your computer.

Always make sure that you download your music from a legal website. If you download music illegally, you can face harsh fines. In many cases you can be fined up to $500 per song. The artists deserve to be paid for the music they make, so download only legal copies of the songs that you love.

Start Downloading Music With These Quick And Easy Tips

If you download music from lesser known sites, having antivirus software on your computer is essential. This software can protect you from hackers who want to access your personal information. Make sure it is running anytime you choose to download some tunes, and always make sure to keep it updated too.

You should always have an antivirus program if you download music on a regular basis. An antivirus program will scan a file before it is downloaded, letting you know whether the virus has a virus or not. If a virus somehow gets into your hard drive, then the antivirus program can neutralize and remove the virus.

If you really love an artist, check out their website for music. Most bands maintain an online presence where they offer information on music and tours, and they will sometimes offer free music there. This might include otherwise unreleased tracks or a song off of a new album they are trying to promote.

If you are looking for new music to download, consider visiting websites that provide music from up and coming artists. These music sites offer song tracks plus reviews from listeners who have listened to them through streaming. This is a good way to add good music to your collection that is not in the mainstream yet.

Free Music Archive and The Internet Archive offer free music that is completely legal to download. Check them out if you are working on building your collection. They often contain music from obscure or lesser known artists, and the music spans every genre. Downloading is simple once you are at the site.

Many artists have put up their own music for download at under one dollar per song. This is a good way of getting a copy of your favorite song and directing all proceeds back to the artist instead of to a third party distributor. The artist gets paid in full for his work, and you get a great song.

Sometimes we have so many questions that it can be hard to find all of the answers in one place. Thankfully, this article has provided you with expert advice that just can't be found anywhere else. Use each tip to ensure the best experience next time you download some music.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Why dj should make a playlist?

Perhaps this question has not occurred to you who are just getting into the world of djing. You might think, when he saw a dj performing at various events they only play songs without made the list, first.

In fact not the case. Before they appear at an event, they had prepared the songs they will play. Why?

The reason is that if they do not create a playlist of songs, at the time appeared to be in trouble. Deciding the next song to be played in front of the listener. At the time of performing normally would experience a panic. Maybe it will come out in a cold sweat if not accustomed to performing, hehe .. But there are some dj who was a senior, when they have mastered the songs performed, and did not make previous playlist.

Why dj should make a playlist?

By creating a playlist before appearing, then easily dj will play the songs in the order in the list. The previous song in the list they've listened to at home, to determine where the track first, and that is where the second song, and so on until the end of the event. For you are a beginner in djing, must learn to make a playlist properly, so as not to become confused while performing.

If you are using a CDJ player, the CDJ 2000 for example you can set the first song will be played using the software, recordbox. Generally, the use of software dj recordbox to create playlists, and analysis of the song.

Create playlists using the VirtualDJ software is also very easy to do. If you use the software, which is connected with usb dj controller.

So, I suggest if you want easy when performing djing, previously had to create a playlist of songs. better to make a list of songs grouped every kind of music. This avoids the time groove music be played up and down, because this is not good. Will make the dance floor was deserted.

You can get nice song tracklist here -- tracklist 4 dj.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Introduction to DJ Equipment Speakers and Mixers

Introduction to DJ Equipment Speakers and Mixers

DJ Equipment Speakers:

Loudspeakers are, naturally, an extremely crucial element of any DJ's set up, and so you'll want to thoroughly think about your choices. And you will never find any kind of absence of products. Internet retailers offer all the main makes and units, and you can typically learn quite a bit by simply browsing the online descriptions. As expected, in case you have any good friends who are DJs you can get plenty of assistance from them.

To begin with, there are two sorts of dj equipment speakers: active and passive. Active speakers have got amplifiers built in, and so all you do is send a signal from your mixer to each speaker. Obviously, you have to adjust the loudspeakers ahead of your event, and there's the issue of getting electrical power to each speaker meaning extra wires run to where you locate your speakers. Nevertheless many DJs opt for this method as well as simplicity it provides.

Introduction to DJ Equipment Speakers and Mixers

Passive loudspeakers have no built-in amp, therefore you must have either an external amplifier or a powered mixer to be able to feed your loudspeakers. I favor passive speakers connected to an external amp. Yet this is a matter of personal inclination.

DJ Equipment Mixers

DJ Equipment Mixers are at the heart of any DJ's setup. For the brand-new DJ the options could be somewhat bewildering, but they need not be. A mixer is simply that - a component that lets you blend two or more inputs into just one output that normally feeds your amplifier after which your speakers. It is more that merely a "switcher" that enables you to choose inputs, although occasionally that is what it's used for. And it is much more than simply a volume control, although, again, it does that, as well. But it does a lot more.

DJ equipment mixers permit you to have all those awesome fades from one particular input to the other. Quite a few mixers come with built-in effects so you can vary your sound in incredible ways. Most all mixers include EQ adjustments which allow you to shape the sound arriving from the several channels by changing the bass, mid-range, and highs.

One other thing a mixer does for you is it permits you to employ a couple of headphones to hear only one channel at a time, or to listen to the complete mix. You can find this to be really valuable.
The DJ won't have to have some large console mixer having 24 or more channels. Generally four channels will adequate. Stick with one of the major brands and honestly learn how to operate your DJ equipment mixer and you ought to be off to a great start.


The main thing is the fact that all your equipment - from DJ equipment speakers to your DJ mixer to headphones and microphones all works together properly to ensure you get excellent audio - and completely satisfied customers.


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