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Sunday, 26 March 2017

The first day with Virtual DJ 8, for beginner

Digital DJ has opened an art for millions, but as with any new hobby, the first step can feel scary - especially when you have to learn to use the software and hardware together to try their hand at DJ skills for the First time. It is where this series is the new "Your first day with ..." aims to help: It is addressed directly to the digital DJ for the first time that you put your hands on this particular software.

The first day with Virtual DJ 8, for beginner

In this first article, we focus on one of the most used DJ applications in the world: Virtual DJ 8. We all you need to know to install it on your computer show, how to get on the right track and How to use it without a driver so you can quickly get to rocker! No detour, just a guideline to start now.

Paid vs. Free

Before you start downloading and configuring Virtual DJ 8, we will quickly discuss the differences between the different versions: a free version of "Home User" and "Advanced User Home" and "Professional User" is paid.


Main Power User

License "Advanced User Home" gives full use of a DJ controller without time restriction. The price of the license varies from the US $ 49 to the US $ 199, depending on which controller you have. I recommend checking this page on your site to determine how much it costs for the controller. Note that if you intend to get cash DJ with Virtual DJ 8 does not aim to do with this license as it is considered to use "professional" of it.


"User Home" version can be downloaded from the website and used for free for the time you want. It is so you can try Virtual DJ 8, "provided they do not use for professional purposes" (i.e., not making money using it as a DJ, but somehow Recording or outside.) There is also a 10-minute trial period that you can connect and use the DJ controller you each time the Virtual DJ 8 spear, which is an excellent way to Check how the device works with the software before committing to buy.

See also  : How to set VIrtual dj 8 home version for mixing

Professional users

DJs mobile, club DJ or people who win by doing with Virtual DJ license 8 "professional user" is what is needed. It provides access and full use of all current and future driver DJs and also the only option that allows you to create your custom applications for dj controllers that do not work with Virtual DJ 8 directly in the box.

There are two types of licenses for business users: Infinity Pro, which is a one-time payment of US $ 299, or Subscriber Pro, which is a monthly payment of US $ 19. It gives you all the license benefits for professional use With access to all controllers.

I think $ 19 is a great value if you plan to take the controller and Virtual DJ 8 concerts in bars etc., and are allowed I suggest you if you want DJ with a driver, especially if you are In doubt for the driver plans to buy shortly.

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  1. Thanks for informative article , btw also can share one cool web which I usually use for my dj projects


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