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software for detect chord or key song

How to know the key songs easily? and what software we use?. This is what I want to share the information. Because by knowing the key / chord songs will sound harmony and easy when it will make bassline, lead, rythm or others. Besides using Fl studio software (edison tool ) to find the song or the vocal chords we can use other software.

My Remix song with fl studio

hey are you all.. Today  I just post my remix song with fl studio 9. Tools I use are  electro house samples, progressive house, Vst  and acapella. About how to Remix songs using fl studio I will discuss later. This time I only get feedback from you guys about my Remix song . Below is a preview of any song I've remixed. hendryRemixList by djhendry If you want to download directly from the player. But some songs have been finished the download limit. so you can download here. You can download and use for djing if you like. the Blank - djhendry remix full version (prog house ) Link Out of your love.kate lessing- hendry remix (extended) electro break Link So alive ( Hendry Al remix) Link Kate lessing - I mis you Link download More song please visit may soundcloud account. I do own all the songs, if sound quality is less please understand that I do not quite understand about the world of sound engineer and mastering audio. I just do what I know ab