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improve dj skill part 2

I go again writing yesterday about the "set your dj skills ", read before). This is the second part. well, just below an important part to enhance the skills of your dj techniques . Read carefully because the dj tips below is the advice of experienced djs. I just took the summary. Developing Your Personal Style Some new DJs attempt to emulate their favorite DJs when they start to play. It is only natural that you will initially be drawn to the same tracks as the DJs that helped you make the decision to become a DJ. Some new DJs even try to replicate exact sets performed by their favorite DJs. Having a DJ to mimic can be very useful at first. The amount and variety of music available can be overwhelming, and following the tastes of your favorite DJs can help narrow the field of music and give you a framework within which to spin. However, as soon as possible, it’s important to let your own style shine through. Be sure to keep your mind open to labels, tracks, and arti

set your skill as dj

hi friends..I once bought a book how to be a dj. There are some parts of the book that is very important that  I share here. please read same dj tips in order to add your insights as a dj. Detail below: When you first start mixing , your goal is simply to mix two records together smoothly. That goal will take many tries and re-tries. Once you have developed basic beat matching and mixing skills with various pairs of records, it will be time to create a set. What is a set? A set is a group of records, spun one after the other (sometimes moving back and forth in your playlist with bits of previous or future records), to create a complete musical presentation. A set can be 30 minutes long or 14 hours long, and it can be spun for no one or for an audience of thousands. “ You have to feed off the crowd … you have to play with them,” says House DJ Keenan Orr. “I love to surprise the people that I’m playing for, and I try to get them to scream at least one time .” 1. Qualities of a S

Nice playlist songs for dj 2010

Hello guys.. As a very good dj which are suggested to have a collection of songs for djs only. This is very important because it makes listeners dance floor or the enthusiast to be satisfied with the songs that we serve. You can imagine when it comes to a club where the dj played a song that was not good. you become bored right? Dj with experience I think it's relatively easy to get songs djs only good, because they already knew the names of a good song maker for deejaying . They even make their own (remixer). But what if a beginner dj? if no supervisor would have difficulty in getting good songs, and if it can certainly take a long time. Although at present has a lot of dj store that sells songs for deejaying and commercial. Well, here are a few songs for djs only and I've bought it, and I've listened to one by one from, junodownload, and dj forum.. I think the song list below all good. If you are a beginner or in instead you can use as a reference. My s

Setting usb sound to external mixer

Besides using a digital mixer for live djing use virtualdj software, we can use an external mixer that we have. such as: djm 400, 500, 700, 800, nummark, and others. in the previous article I have written about how to manage an external mixer with virtualdj. But the problem we have to provide two soundcards, and it is very difficult if we use a laptop. well, this time I will share information on how to set your laptop using a usb sound that has two voice output. This is easier and simpler. What do I use a usb sound? I use M-audio fast track pro 4x4 mobile usb audio because easy to get,  low prices when I bought in my country. M-audio fast track has two sound output. so, the first output to deck 1, then the second output to Deck 2 at virtualdj software. But you are free to use the usb sound what brand, suck as: usb maya 44, behringer uca, or others. Which is important to have two voice output and can be setup.