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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

improve dj skill part 2

I go again writing yesterday about the "set your dj skills", read before). This is the second part. well, just below an important part to enhance the skills of your dj techniques. Read carefully because the dj tips below is the advice of experienced djs. I just took the summary.

Developing Your Personal Style

Some new DJs attempt to emulate their favorite DJs when they start to play. It is only natural that you will initially be drawn to the same tracks as the DJs that helped you make the decision to become a DJ. Some new DJs even try to replicate exact sets performed by their favorite DJs. Having a DJ to mimic can be very useful at first. The amount and variety of music available can be overwhelming, and following the tastes of your favorite DJs can help narrow the field of music and give you a framework within which to spin.

However, as soon as possible, it’s important to let your own style shine through. Be sure to keep your mind open to labels, tracks, and artists NOT spun by your favorite DJs. Simply listen to a few new records
each time you go to record shop, and if something catches your ear, buy it. Over time, those tracks that you alone choose will shape your personal style. In general, people will be far more interested in hearing your personal style than hearing a set they heard previously spun by your favorite DJ.

Planned Sets versus “On the Fly”

You may want to plan your first few sets out. It can be overwhelming to switch from spinning in your bedroom to spinning at for an audience. Here are a few reasons:

1. The gear may be different and unfamiliar to you.
2. It may seem “so loud you can’t hear anything.”
3. People will be asking questions, making requests, and otherwise bothering you.
4. There will be other DJs in the booth looking over your shoulder.
5. You may have stage fright.
6. You may get beer spilled on you at any time.

In other words, in addition to dealing with all of the above, you may not want to also have to choose amazing records one after the other for your set. Planning your first few sets is understandable.

However, planning restricts you in many ways. You cannot respond to the audience, the night, the venue, or do anything that is unique to the moment with a planned set. Also, if you make a mistake, you may not be comfortable enough with spinning your records in many different ways, so you may panic not knowing what might work next. It’s risky to play a set “on the fly,” because there is the possibility that you will choose a
record that doesn’t go so well with another, or that you will make a mistake. The risk is well worth it, however, when you pick a record that you think might go together with another and the combination turns out to be amazing. There is no greater feeling than performing that serendipitous, perfect mix for an appreciative audience.


A useful compromise is to practice with your records enough that you know certain “chunks” of 2–3 tracks that go well together. You can choose and arrange your chunks depending on how the night is going and all the factors discussed earlier. Chunking gives you fl exibility without requiring that you memorize every combination of every record that you own.

Hip-hop promoter and afi cionado LaTina “Mother Earth” Mobley says that what separates talented DJs from the others is, “The selection of music, the way they blend the music. They don’t start their set off with the most popular thing, it goes up from low to high then it goes back down. I like it when DJs go from old school to new school and even back again. To be continues, there are others dj tips about improve your skill as dj. Wait i will post again.

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