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Using pitch bend

Pitch bend function in the software VirtualDJ is the same as the CDJ 1000 Jog dial function (push). It is very important to further refine beatmach. OK, we can use the SYNC button, but sometimes the results are not perfect when the mixing of two songs. Still in the need Pitch bend button. Have you been there?  You've SYNC button, BPM same but the beat was irregular and uncomfortable. VirtualDJ software did help us in terms of mixing songs with features sophisticated,  automated and easy to use. But sometimes we need to improve again when mixing by hand, with the pitch bend buttons are always located along the pitch. You know?  But not all skin VirtualDJ have pitch bend buttons, especially on the skin that supports the external device, such as: bcd 3000 , Numark total control, hercules remix,  ion discover dj and other . below is a skin VirtualDJ has pitch bend buttons:

Convert Vdj file to Wav

Some friends asked me how to Convert VDJ files to wav format, well I'll explain a bit how the process. so far I have not found Dj software that can make VDJ files to wav format quickly, such as an audio cd to mp3 format. So how do I make VDJ files to mp3? The trick is to use the Record function in VirtualDJ. you see the function of record, right? Below 1. Click sampler in VirtualDJ menu. 2. Please select the loop sampler which you want to make it to the wav files. There are 12 slots loop sampler. 3. Now click the Record menu 4. Click Config, in the "Record From" select Master, in the "Format" select WAV. Uncek Autostar. 5. Type the name file what you want. example : mywavloop Before Recording Process (convert to wav)