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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Convert Vdj file to Wav

Some friends asked me how to Convert VDJ files to wav format, well I'll explain a bit how the process. so far I have not found Dj software that can make VDJ files to wav format quickly, such as an audio cd to mp3 format. So how do I make VDJ files to mp3?

The trick is to use the Record function in VirtualDJ. you see the function of record, right? Below

1. Click sampler in VirtualDJ menu.
2. Please select the loop sampler which you want to make it to the wav files. There are 12 slots loop sampler.
3. Now click the Record menu
4. Click Config, in the "Record From" select Master, in the "Format" select WAV. Uncek Autostar.
5. Type the name file what you want. example : mywavloop

Before Recording Process (convert to wav)

Prior to this process should first determine how many beats. 128 bpm, 130, 140. Depending on what kind of music you play. OK, I know you will use to mix the songs. Re-mixing. how to create / determine Bpm for loop sampler is to put a song on the deck to Deck 1 or 2. So when you put a song into the deck 1 / 2, then the loop sampler automatically will follow Bpm song (don't play song when recording just for taking Bpm for loop sampler).  But if this is too hard to please direct recording to wav. To see the bpm loop, you can see in VirtualDJ when you play.

Recording to convert vdj file to Wav.

- Click menu RECORD then click START
- Count 1,2,3,4 then Play loop sampler of your choice will you  make WAV  file , by press F1 - F12 on the keyboard. Can also use the mouse but difficult.
- See the amount of time during recording. My suggestion for the time around 16, 32, 60 seconds. In order to mix the song becomes easy. then click "STOP"
- Done

Ok, now you can try on VirtualDJ results. maybe you use to mix your favorite songs .. lol. I only know how to make wav files to VDJ is like this. If anyone knows any other way such as use dj software please comment here, in order to help all  friends.Need wav sampler here.


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