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Friday, 4 June 2010

Setting usb sound to external mixer

Besides using a digital mixer for live djing use virtualdj software, we can use an external mixer that we have. such as: djm 400, 500, 700, 800, nummark, and others. in the previous article I have written about how to manage an external mixer with virtualdj. But the problem we have to provide two soundcards, and it is very difficult if we use a laptop.

well, this time I will share information on how to set your laptop using a usb sound that has two voice output. This is easier and simpler. What do I use a usb sound?

I use M-audio fast track pro 4x4 mobile usb audio because easy to get,  low prices when I bought in my country. M-audio fast track has two sound output. so, the first output to deck 1, then the second output to Deck 2 at virtualdj software. But you are free to use the usb sound what brand, suck as: usb maya 44, behringer uca, or others. Which is important to have two voice output and can be setup.

What external mixer I use?
Honestly, I do not use the digital mixer when djing. Currently I use mixer djm 500 pioneer, cdj 1000 mk3, laptop and software virtualdj . I sometimes use it interchangeably.I'm djing just for fun.

How to set usb sound to external mixer with virtualdj software?
See the picture below: I use M-audio fast track. others amazing usb sound check here. 

ok..? I hope you understand after see it. If you have already another external mixer you just move the cable to usb sound (m- audio)...The next step after you buy and install the sound drivers usb to the laptop / pc, please go to the config menu virtualdj--choose sound setup..see picture how to set to external mixer. See in the image -- External mixer mode (with headphone connected to an external mixer) then follow instructions. Don't forget to install Asia4all driver in your laptop/pc because is very  important if you not have. Download asio4all.

What next ?
Testing: Put in to deck 1 and deck 2 one song that same.this is to facilitate us to equalize the volume between the deck 1 and deck 2. My experience at the time of the test sound on channel one and channel two is  not the same. so, we need to make it balanced. How do we equalize the volume between the deck 1 and deck 2, please see the picture above (for balancing) or see here in output level. Set to same output voice.

By using external mixer saves us more spending money (but of to you) , even though sometimes we are a little difficult when using picth bend in order to perfect mixing. but based on what  My experienced is not so difficult when djing using virtualdj software, because it is familiar with the mouse. Most importantly, the sound control (speaker). Do not be too far away. If you want to  using dj control you can buy here.

Dj techniques that we use the same as when we djing using cdj 800, 1000, or the other. It becomes even easier because virtualdj software is able to lock the beat. so we are not too frequent use jog-dial, like when djing with the cdj 1000. sometimes you can chatting with your friends. lol ..need help how to setting usb sound to external mixer, please comment.


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