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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

software for detect chord or key song

How to know the key songs easily? and what software we use?. This is what I want to share the information. Because by knowing the key / chord songs will sound harmony and easy when it will make bassline, lead, rythm or others. Besides using Fl studio software (edison tool ) to find the song or the vocal chords we can use other software.

 Ie "Pickout chord. (software for detect chord or key song) With this software song / vocals easily we can find the key, we are looking for without using a guitar or piano. All keys can be seen in the software.

how to use detection software key songs?
after downloading install it and click the File menu, then select the open song.
please see picture below to see its software.
chord detect
If you want to try software for detect chord or key song)  for trial version (not limit function) please download here. You can get full version from link in  software. This software really helped me also in determining the key tone / chord acapellas that I want to remix. Good luck.


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