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Sunday, 22 February 2009

dj tutorial volume control step song commutation

(dj tutorial volume control step song commutation. set Low, hight, mid)

this is the most light for a dj if he is not the technique or because this is the section on assessment. Dj do have a robust track moves, there are also fine. so that the movement does not know the song. But the most preferred listener is a way to prese
nt can read what listener so that the will take pride.

ok, I just tell my experience about how to begin the process of switching tracks.

1. we need
nt the song.This means making listener can not be bored. he can choose which songs will be played, ato know how many BPM (beat per minute) the first track, and approximately at the where we will to move. so difficult? generally in 2 minutes like the first song out on the track that is the second time should be played. the play is with the first rap song. identify the two songs with BPM the first track. identify the second track through the mixer cue phone you, until the two are analogous. if difficult equal to its value PITH his note on the CDJ 1000 pith control.

2. Low position, mid, Hight song is the second or counter-clockwise number 12. track the position of the second volume control is 1 / 4 in a matter of 15 or if the bar does not know the count bars, see the duration of the second song only. then 30 seconds on the duration of the second track, increase the volume.

3. further increase slowly up to the same position with the second track with the set LOW, MID, both Hight song. do not forget to listen to the voice from the monitor speakers as well. When the volume control position is parallel, crash and the sound track, the second track scrool push forward or back, a little or a lot depending on condition. Set the gain on the mixer. Because the volume of the original songs are not always the same.

To be continues.


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