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Sunday, 15 February 2009

way of equalizing song to be in parallel moment in playing at cdj 1000

After we understand how to equalize the beat as in Dj tutorial of video of tecnic beatmaching, when our action surely often experience of the song run the ( jumping beat) although BPM is of equal and normal song, I think often we experience action as Dj. And I even also often experience of first before soybean cake its technique.

For example Song at player 1 BPM 130, song at player 2 also 130 BPM, so at the time of us play by following first song knock its simple is " DUK" Song 1. In 10 second song Bar always under developed beat ( unlike first song) and we have to continuously push the scrool at CDJ 1000, very busy?

ok, how to be always in parallel? Its way by equalizing value PITH . Sometime we only have directive at value BPM which as described at CDJ 1000 till not see the value PITH

For example:

song 1 bpm 130 pith + 0.145%
song 2 bpm 130 pith + 0.110 %

It's not some? though knock is of equal if us play together . but most at 8 bar - 10 quantification bar go forward the second song often under developed. The way is only simple in order not to run at the time of second us play together, the song that is by arranging or equalizing its Value pith just but bpm being equal its value.

Safe to try!

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