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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

DJ Tutorial creating Compilation CD

Tips for Creating compilation CD

First moment I become the Dj and not yet known how to make the cd compilation which is good to deejaying, which conducting is Burning of song without think the length until not made available by a place again. Its meaning is we know that cd own total of capacities 700 mb and 80 minute for the duration of.

what is going on at the time of the cd I play ? Track 7- its 11 songs a lot jump at the time of played, and that very complicating. because our have to be non-stoped to equalize the knock / beat by pushing scrool at cdj tool. What often jump in 15 bar or 15 song second in cd. But at track 1 – 6 there no problem, song walk normal. Finally I try to make the cd for the deejaying of by 5 song of per cd

And its result [is] very gratifying. If its genuine song is true nicely, at the time of I play very rare jump. For the quality of cd which we use to make the compilation cd deejaying also very determining. In marketing of a lot of sold cd blank. And perhaps at the price of different. There is costly and cheap. If our money a lot of buy the costly cd because its quality is durabel well guaranted and also. Like brand verbatim, sony or other. Or buy thick cheap but. Because at the time of optic CDJ tool read the the cd always its rotation harmony and stabilize, do not joggle.

Become its conclusion is cd compilation for the deejaying of better:

1. I Cd 5 song
2. choose the thick cd
3. choose which cd which with quality

the reason of easier Optic CDJ tool read the data which is a few/little compared to reading data which is a lot of or track which far. Hopefully this.

Ps: here song for your compilation CD

Title: RnB Pack
Artist: Various
Date: 07 February 2009

718 - Caught Up Again
AJ Gil - Runnin' From Love (prod. by Nick James)
Alex Boye - Hold On (Survivor) (final version)
Antonio Neal - Live Laugh Love (prod. by Emi Writers)
ATL - What U Gonna Do (no rap version)
Brandon Hines - Find U (prod. by Mental Instruments)
Bullet - Shake Yo Body
Christopher Aaron - I Want Ya
D. Brown - Lights Out (prod. by Allstar)
Ekue ft. Shazelle - Elevator (prod. by D.Brin)
Emmanuel - Sex Appeal (prod. by Soundz)
Jarell Perry - Indestructible (prod. by Uniquesound)
Jovan Dais - Shut Up
J-Son ft. Baby Supreme, Glaciuz - Coming Up
K-Nova (of Konvict Muzik) - Up In The Club (prod. by Double U (of SUC Records))
Lionel Richie - Forever And A Day
L-izzle ft. Bobby Valentino - I Do Dat (final Full)
Maurice - Sideline
Next - Sound Effects (preview prod. by The Underdogs)
Raheem DeVaughn - Nite & Day
Range - Go (prod. by Neo Da Matrix)
Rock City - So I
Sophia Fresh - Save Yourself (prod. by Co-Stars)
Trap House Boyz - Thirsty
Tre (of ATL) - Dance Slow (prod. by DrumCC)
Tre'G - What

Download link:

how technique beatmaching here
To your performing as DJ.


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