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Friday, 27 February 2009

Tip blank cd choose to make a good compilation cd djing.

hello friend .. this is my experience so far in the use of blank cd to make a compilation cd for djing. below which there is some good in selecting blank cd. as like my article before

1. choose a blank cd thick.

why? always stable when the optical reading cdj 1000. different blank cd with a thin, sometimes when we play the songs often jump.

2. choose a blank cd quality is guaranteed, so we cd compilation durable. brands such as sony, verbatim, jt pro.! I and many friends who wear the brand as durable and secure when in use for djing.

but also depends on the tools that we use djing. djing tool if we are still new and normal, thick or thin cd I think does not matter. but better to make a compilation cd djing using a thick blank cd. so that when the safe-use kit.

if you have other suggestions, please give a comment here .ok?


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