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Monday, 19 July 2010

how to create wordclass sound quality songs

hello all my friends" ..Do you want to create your own songs sound quality world-class? I have information on how to do it. It's very easy without having to have knowledge of audio mastering. without a recording studio, without a headache to edit audio data one by one. ok, below is how:

I use auto mastering audio software. although this trial version for 21 days, but as long as I use not the limit. Means you can use all features such as full versions. I've tried and the results were incredible. results after mastering use of this software is very different from before.

If you have a collection of songs or songs that you made yourself, using this software to balancing our work will become easier. It took about 30 minutes more. Your songs sound quality will be perfect. especially for the equalizer, loudness, and others. here is the way to:

1. Install software after download then load. Click "auto master audio file" of menu. see picture below:

2. Select your song that you want to edit/mastering, then choose the template/preset (reference database). Example "house dj". click open.

When you choose "house dj", equalizer, compressor,dsp-eq, gain, frequency and other setting the software will be set your song as with quality audio the music for dj of generally.

3. Wait until process finish. Click at menu Master when you want see whatever process that is done the software. Outcome of the process after mastering will be fixed on the folder where you save the song data. and become Wav file format. Like this "titlesong_master.wav". you can convert to mp3 file use Tool at right.
Download audio mastering auto.Trial version 21 day but not limit. choose reguler user for free download. here my remix djhendry use this software when mastering. And here.

Below some result report from auto audio mastering software after finish:

Compressor Suggestion - Settings

Compressor Band   : 1
Start Frequency   : 5,3 Hz
End Frequency     : 120,9 Hz
Compression M     : 0,4 dB
Compression Left  : 0,4 dB
Compression Right : 0,4 dB

Compressor Band   : 2
Start Frequency   : 120,9 Hz
End Frequency     : 2000,0 Hz
Compression M     : 1,2 dB
Compression Left  : 1,1 dB
Compression Right : 1,3 dB

Compressor Band   : 3
Start Frequency   : 2000,0 Hz
End Frequency     : 10081,9 Hz
Compression M     : 1,3 dB
Compression Left  : 1,3 dB
Compression Right : 1,3 dB

Compressor Band   : 4
Start Frequency   : 10081,9 Hz
End Frequency     : 20000,0 Hz
Compression M     : 1,8 dB
Compression Left  : 1,8 dB
Compression Right : 1,8 dB

Software Goal:
Providing a software package that supplies you with Fully Automatic Audio Mastering.  Featuring suggestions for Equalizer, Multiband Compression and Loudness settings,  internal DSP Processing with all audio corrections done purely inside the AAMS Program.  Making the Mastering Process easy and less time consuming, having a good overall sound quality, to process a Mix to a great sounding Master. Turn your mix into an commercial great sounding master. Ok friend..good luck..make your djs song perfect for sound.


  1. I love DJ and that's used to be my dream.
    Sometimes I use Audacity to record my song and desktop recorder to create a short screen video for fun. It's just for self-satisfaction so I don't mind whether is OK or bad.

    I like you DJ style. Move on guy.

  2. Thanks for visiting dear friends, have a good day :)

  3. tutorial na lengkap
    mantap deh info na

  4. good post

    aplikasi dan teknik2 spt ini mesti didalami lbh jauh khususx bg ana'2 band Lokal yg blom sempat melejit di kota besar

  5. Hi, thanks for the visit friend, have a great day :)


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