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Sunday, 15 March 2009

How to create loop 32 on virtual dj

Create loop for arrange your song or track there is two way. Using software Audio editor or using virtual dj. Now I want tell to you about how to create loop on virtual dj use Record of function.

Step by step create loop on virtual dj :

My virtual dj skin is Dn-3500 suggestion Internal mixer. If you haven't download here But you can use other skin. for Better easy use Mix station Sv. v42 1280x 1024. but this skin very difficult.

1. Load to desk A or B, your track
2. Don't forget to create cue before.
3. Go to Record menu
4. Click config button and then set at RECORD FROM > select Master
5. At FILE click right button and then select where you will save the result or type direct your Title loop.
6. At FORMAT select Wav to format file result. Why choose Wav? because file format Wav is very good for audio. Then click OK. see picture >>


a. set at loop virtual dj "16" then set time as Elapse not remaining
Create previous cue. it's up and depending on the section which will take you loop it. My suggestion is if at the beginning of the track for remixing. see picture

b. How to begin is Countdown 1,2,3,4 >> on countdown 4 > Play and click Star recording button do simultaneously. To play use P on keyboard or space bar. don't forget to select Tab to desk.
c. moment of record see on the time matter. If time already 17 second > click Stop. Why at 17 second?? because 1 second/bar use to star track. It's will result loop 32 because 1 second= 2 knock. so that 16x2=32. After Finish now you can use loop result record for arrange your mix.

To promoted your mixtape or own mix click here

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