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Sunday, 22 March 2009

simple Step mixing with virtual dj

Djing using virtual DJ there are two metode INTERNAL or EXTERNAL mixer of setting. Now I want share to you about, how to step mixing with virtual dj software ver 5.2 and I'm using DN suggestion skin. with internal mixer setting . Play this short video to see this tutorial.

The simple Step mixing Video with virtual dj:

Overral of process:

Focus to Track 2 on the Desk B

1. load track on desk b
2. create cue
3. play track on desk B , when the track in desk A less 2 minute
4. do active CUE PHONE
5. click synchronize and listen in to your phone to known what knock has been same . If not same, click SINCRHONIZE or PITH BEND.
6. 15 second increase volume control track on desk B
7. Arrange the low, hight, mid second song
8. 30 second increase volume second track, and arrange Low, hight, mid
9. Low down first track
10 43 second increase the volume track on desk b
11. increase the volume of the two parallel tracks with the volume of the first track.
12 .Descend first song Volume on the desk A with slowly.
13. 57 second do dead volume first song.
14. finish

oh my god. how very difficult to

I don't know you understand or not. but I'm sory I take it this video using my phone. If not clear please forgive me. I want you comment here or ask to me if you not understand.


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