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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

DJ Tips: how to improve our perfoming as a dj

This is my experience as a dj for this to improve our performing at djing

1. Come to the club or entertainment in a place that also have dj. then ask that we can play even if briefly. or sit and listen to music played dj at the place. than barter our goal is to measure the game we djing.

2. listen to other dj's mixtape is already famous. like dj tiesto, or DJ in the area who is well known. listen to movement in the track-switching in the mixtape.

3. create mixtape and listen to yourself carefully. whether or perfect mixing is still rough. from the mixtape to listen to their own we can know the mistakes in mixing the song.

4. exchange ideas with the dj that we know better.
5. continue to follow the development of the songs or the commercial songs that many people like in the appropriate genre of music we play.

if you do not know what it is mixtape:
mixtape is a collection of songs that mixing on track to be one or several tracks.

have any other tips? please comment

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  1. sorry saya belum posting hal itu coba kunjungi di sini tapi mirip punya ku ngak jg ngak tau aq, tunggu aja ntar aq oprek in.... shot box nya macet jadi di sini deh nulisnya ngak papa kan

  2. wa ga ngerti profesi tekhnik2 dalam dj..

    tapi yang pasti Profesi DJ itu kereeen:)


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