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Friday, 27 March 2009

How to equalize beat in virtual dj


Djing using virtual dj software is very easy for us, especially in the equalize beat process. Just click SYNC knob two track in the Desk A and Desk B, the beat same directly. But sometimes I have expireinced, i'ts oke just click SYNC knob the track become of synchronize. but momment the song run on 10 second or 5 second, the beat is change. How I make the beat become equal?

the answer it just simple. Using PITH BEND of function under pitch control . Just click minus or Plus in pitch bend and the beat two track become be same. But depend in condition the song. as like the picture besides. What is the track beat, preceding

or under developed. PITCH BEND and SYNC of function in virtual dj software is very important to equalize beat momment we to djing. the function second it's each other interconnected in beatmaching of process. as like in cdj 1000 hardware for djing is moving the scrool or arrange pitch control to equalize BPM in track. sory, if my english language is inversed. I can't write with is good. he.he.

so that, in conclusing to equalize beat on the track between Desk A or desk B, we can using 2 knob in virtual dj. it's PITCH BEND or SYNC. as like in the piture on above. I m sure you will to be understanding if you do it. oke, let's me to explained with detailed.

2 function is important in virtual dj to equalize beat process.

SYNC to automatic equalize beat track
PITCH BEND to manual equalize beat track

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