Tutorial dj using virtual DJ Part 3


After we understand the key functions that are important to the life time djing, on virtual dj as my research in the tutorial dj part1 and tutorial using virtual dj dj part2 , now I will share how to start djing about the correct use virtual dj. as a first step that we do? you certainly know the area if we mp3 browser right click menu will appear:


Important point is as above. To enable right-click on the label Title, then select item it. see picture.

This process is very important and we only do once. next virtual dj software automatically will be save analyze the results into the database. If we load directly to the deck, how ? good questions. May, but usually such as that I never experienced, in 1 second running track gain will changes usually occur . especially in the virtual dj ver. 5.2. if you a small computer memory (RAM) , and the song does not analyze at first can cause the program hangs. although only 5 seconds. BPM analyze the function are on the menu BPM, if we right click. see the picture.

will see like this the process.

After that do process on the menu browser mp3 will displayed BPM, LENGHT, KEY, TITLE, ARTIST and more. the icon track will be changed. Now you can load on deck 1 or deck 2 to djing, mixing safely. adding: to sort BPM become same just click the menu BPM.

Analyze your the track collection before use to djing and you will get play track safely.
sort BPM for easer.
I hope can help you . Good luck.


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