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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tutorial : create mixtape easy sue CDJ 1000

step 1:
select songs that play well and then make a list. Write in the paper if necessary
step 2: Comprehend composition of all the songs that you will make the mixtape. Early songs, mid, and end of the song because it makes it easier on us when mixing.

Step 3:Ascertaining all the normal track and there is no jump. because if a song is usually normal at the time of making mixing mixtape will be easy.

Step 4 :Equalized all BPM songs become 130 to genres such as house, Electro house. using virtual dj software or other software that you have If you are not sure with the results of mixing not clean. Because if one song at the time of mixing is not clean, we would not have to repeat again from the beginning. but if you can use to improve the software such as Nero wav editor, cool edit and other problems not only continue the process of mixing.

step 5: Additional equipment is Pc / laptop to record the results of mixing.

Software to record the many circulating on the internet such as Nero wav editor, cool edit, bpm, sony sounforce, acidpro. I better use nero wav editor software because it is simple and familiar. Also recorded good results.

step 6: continuation of the cable mixer to the computer.
  on the mixer that you use for djing REC friends out there. Connect to the computer using the cable 2 to 1 (jack steteo) to the Mic in the Soundcard.
Why to the mic hole?
because of better and more clear in the appeal record through Line out hole. I had to prove it.

Step 7: After the cd collection to make a mixtape, a computer, the audio jack was all ready, now you can start the process. This tutorial uses CDJ 1000 mk2.

Step 8: Good luck
For detail info about mixtape Click here


so easy to make when the mixtape bpm identify all the songs to be 130 for the genre house, Electro house and progressive. Use your Virtual dj software or other.
Write a list of songs are from the pro-series to the track until the last one.
If there are more defects in both the return or re-edit with the software.
start of the songs are rhythmic and the boast.
Better total duration mixtape under 70 minutes.
avoid any interference of any kind, because when you start the mixing process is a concentration.
Relax and relaxed, not tense or panic. because sometimes make a mixtape like djing witnessed thousands of audience.

It's my experience.
Have any Tips? pleas comment here.If not yet understand ask me.


  1. Thank tutorialnya, tinggal praktekin aja.

  2. Hi..good post guys.I agree to Equalized all BPM songs become 130 . my suggestion if you need edit mixtape result, using MixMeister Studio 7 software. powerful for finishing.


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