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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dj tips: how promote your mixtape by offline

Become of famous is the dream every Dj and all people in the world but for that we must do something. As like me to become famous in my area I do like this. And now I want to share for you.

Burning in the cd or mp3 your mixtape. Create the cover and song list-with good music. attach your picture if necessary so that people easily know you.give also your contact on the cover cd. there are many ways for the promotion offline.such as below:

1.give free cd, mp3 format the mixtape to your friends. Friends usually share to more friends. and this way your name will be famous quickly.if your Mixtape are good,and they like I'm sure they will offer job.You want?

2.Come to the club, cafe or any place that plays songs according to genre that you play. also share a free cd, mp3 mixtape yours. surely they want. people rarely reject anything that's free. agree?

This campaign not spent a lot of capital. you only capital to buy blank cd, cd cover label and cd case. very cheap is not it? techniques for the first step in this campaign is very good. I had to do this technique. And the results of my campaign I get djing job. although only 2 working days ... he.he

I don't know about you friend. What you will do this way? Think
Have any Tips please comment.


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