How to set Virtual dj Config to Djing Internal or External

Deejaying using Virtual DJ is very easy when we have been know all techniques dj. Because virtual dj software have been to design for djing, especially for ver 5.2 pro this version very powerful to djing. Sometimes I use it's to djing and sometimes use CDJ 1000. I have been experience how to to ease configuration on virtual dj. which is moment we action to become perfect. Because the default setting from virtual dj I think less good. That need we must to do Re-set such as:

A. Auto pitch matching
b. Auto gain
c. Crossfader
d. Maxload
e. Auto cue

All of function on virtual Dj very important when live action djing beside known the techniques. here is my experience to setting configuration in virtual dj so much easier when djing. Like this

set auto pith matching : Always
Set auto gain : Auto
Set Crossfader : Full
set maxload : Always
Set Auto cue : Enable or always

see picture: Go to Config or setup, then choose Option.

Why must to set auto pith matching : Always"??
The reason is in order that we to be easier moment loading a track on desk A or B. Virtual dj software automatic will be set BPM track to follow Track BPM which are turn on desk.


Track 1 on desk A active BPM 130
Then you loading new track on desk B.
the track on desk b Bpm value will be follow BPM value the track on desk A and become 130 too.

are you understand?? he.he

Why must Set auto gain : Auto ??

The reason is because not all track have volume same. The every track have volume of diferent. there is track have hight volume and down volume. If we set auto gain on config (option), virtual dj will be make sound same. And this is will be easier moment we djing. we not need to set track volume/gain.

Why must Set Crossfader : Full ??
This setting will make the output sound to be better. Especially for Low, Hight become steady.
the sound output is very different if we set as smoot, cut, or croosfader.
see picture >>

The setting like this. blue collour of the image shows the setting FULL Crossfader. This setting can using on External mixer or internal mixer. the result of same but sound output depend on your sound system. If your sound system is good, result will be same good.

set maxload : Always

This setting depend your pc / laptop that you have. If your hardware have big Ram (2-4gb) and hight processor, I think this setting will be very support. Maxload is for loading wav graph on desk A or B.

Set Auto cue : Enable or always

This setting make every your track loading again on desk A or B, your set CUE will be always active. You not need to set CUE again.

If you an DJ professional I think you understand. But if you beginner you must read thoroughly, because this setting is very important when we djing. Ok friend. I hope this article useful for you.

Good luck...
have any tips please comment here...any trouble ask me. I m glad to help you.


  1. hmmm...i have know nothing about DJ, but i love when they are dancing..looks so cool!!

  2. Beli paket dj standard yang buat main di rumah berapa gan?

  3. baca alat dj standar di -- klik menu sitemap


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