Setting External Mixer on virtual dj

because advances in technology are growing in the world at this time has been djing using Pc, boosted with a sound system that is good. Thing do this in the field of entertainment by the company with the goal of the cost operational. As like do that in a billiards place in the area that is Pancoran Bside billiard. Bside billiard using Virtual Dj software for continuous music and djing. I including those involved to re-set the dj software. many also use the laptop when djing. may be because it is simple and sparing.

Djing using Virtual dj software 2 have the function of the Internal /External mixer and mixer setting. How , and what you need to External in the mixer in the virtual Dj ?? below the steps:

a. Equipments

- Intel dual core processor or more
- At least 1 gb ram or more (recommended 2 gb for Ram)
- 160 GB hdd or more
- 2 sound output (usb or card)
- Headphones
- Virtual dj software (ver. 4x - 6.0 pro)
- Sound system
- Mixer channel 2 or 4 for djing
- Jack audio 1 to 2 stereo pc support ( 2 item)

b: setting Config.

after the equipment has been set configuration in the config menu virtual dj. to more clearly see the image ..

select the menu config or setup.
select the Sound tab setup
select the output and select external mixer
Select soundcard menu and then select 2 cards.
under the Soundcard menu will be visible on your computer.

you just next to choose between left or right .your option hat will produce the output mixer output which you connect to the Soundcard. mixer for a lot of options. suggested I use mixer or pioneer brand Numark with 2 - 3 chanel. 2 brand mixer is in use for many djing because the quality is reliable. for detail visit numark. But if you don't want use the old mixer external, you can using dj controller (digital mixer) as like bcd 3000. It become easy.

Soundcard also for many options. has been available in the market Soundcard good quality. such as creative soundblaster, M-audio  and other brands. Read how to setting usb sound to external mixer, if you usb sound. I use soundblaster soundcard because the output is clean. Don't forget to setting sound configuration on your computer. in order that your sound output have balance. I you have trouble on soundcard you need using different soundcard brand. or you can using the usb sound. For Internal mixer setting here


  1. hey! Thanks for the hop in... old mixer is not so IN now. My friend and i Have been using laptop... we have our own dj mix that we downloaded online.


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