Tutorial Dj using virtual DJ Part 1

Hello al my friend…!
Do you want become an DJ??
become an dj can use 2 tool use cdj hardware or software.Now I want to be share for you about how to become Dj using virtualdj software with of detail pursuant to my experience. Using internal mixer setting Like this.

Skin Dn S-3500 Suggestion Internal mixer
Setting : Internal mixer
Genre : House, Electro house

Equipment of basic for DJ ROOM:

Pc / laptop
Headphone Pro Djing
soundcard/usb sound
Track collection for djing

How to set internal mixer setting at virtual DJ?
Go to Config or SETUP menu, then choose SOUND SETUP TAB
Then select output label as HEADPHONE
Sound Cards : select 2 soundcard
Soundcard : choose your soundcard as first soundcard output
Second card : choose your soundcard as headphone
click ok.
See picture

Picture set soundcard

From above picture I use 1 soundcard as master output and onboard sound as headphone. But my suggestion better than you using 2 soundcard. Because if using onboard sound sametimes having trouble. Such as Pc hang or bad voice. or if you not understand Go to here

Pc set:
Using 2 soundcard:
Soundcard 1 to headphone
soundcard 2 to speaker

Picture 1. setting.
Understanding the Techniques:
a. Beatmatching
b. Looping
c. Synchronize
d. Mixing

The beatmaching is equalize knock, between two track such as PITH, bpm. For beginner on virtual dj better than set like this click here

Picture 2. loop
Loop 8 beat.

Synchronize is the process to equalize same the track. In the virtual dj software just click Synchronize button of function. See picture.

Picture 3 . the knob Synchronize


The mixing is play 2 song or more with the certain of technique so that become heard so good. At Virtual dj you can using Looping, pitch bend, synchronize the button of function . And here is of the techniques that use Moment djing.

ok, friend step next.


Understanding of function at virtual Dj software SKIN

because this tutorial using Dn-s500 skin, now I will tell to you about all of the function at this skin. without be comprehend it's we will having difficulty.

the important component at skin DN-S500 for djing:


Internal mixer controls:

1. volume level
to arrange volume a track.

2. Crossfader

The crossfader blends the audio or video between two track deck by sliding to fadder by channel to channel, you can isolate the left and right deck or blend them together. Moment djing you can using volume level or use this crossfader of function. my suggestion of moment djing using volume level to over track.

3. Gain , Low, hight and mid. For Desk A and desk B

4. type the crossfader ( smoot, full, cut, scratch) set full to this setting.

5. Cue level ( volume control to headphone)

6. Cue mix ( fade to hear signal only in the headphone)

Moment djing or mixing this function in use to preview two song on the headphone or to be equalize the knock. betwen track 1 and track 2. Just move up to activate. same or not the beat two track you can knowing from CUE MIX of function.

7. master ( control main output of program)
This function to control your output in your sound system (speaker) as like at picture 1.


1. CUE/stop
2 Play/pause
3. Sync
4. Loop
5. Pitch bend
6. Hot cue
7. vinyl

all of function is very important the moment djing and you must to comprehending of it's . Ok, I will be explained the all of functions for you.


the CUE in using to create a sign at the track starting to play and stop the track . how to create cue at virtual dj click here


to be starting a track after cue created or not.


Pith bend in using to equalize beat between of the track. For example: Unequal second song it's knock. hence to equalized it's knock by using this knob. you can click min or plus, depend of the condition. How to use pitch bend? click here+picth bend.

LOOP area

In using to create loop. 1 until 16 beat. just click the value to create loop.


to create cue but can make 3 cuing point . And between cue 1,2, and 3 owning different star at track which be at desk. For example : cue 1 star in 30 minute a track, then cue 2 in the 10 second.


In using to scratch and push a track at the desk A or B. The vinyl usually in using too process make CUE.

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Oke, what is you understand friend ??

so, djing using virtual dj with skin Dn- S500 suggestion you must comprehending it's the knob of functions at:

a. Mixer area
b. Track area.

But if you not many be action I think you not comprehend. it's just the tutorial. for next only you that do it. I hope it's useful for you.

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