Tutorial dj using virtual DJ Part 2

Rythm Windows virtual dj/wav display.

I am come back friend.. to continues my posting yesterday Tutorial dj using virtual DJ Part 1. Now I want to explain about RYTHEM WINDOWS in virtual dj. What is the rythem windows of function? and how to using for mixing. see picture

not beat matched .

While djing rythem windows in use to knowing what is two track already have same or not. Easer to see that the peak(beat) of the the music are line up. such as BPM, PITH. And as a benchmark to make CUE. We can to be equalize two track with look at the rythem windows. the picture on above you can see Color red is track in Desk B, color blue the track on Desk A. Is't not same Beat. so, like what the rythem windows displayed that two track the same beat?? see picture below.

The track of same beat will be look like this.

From the picture on above we can see that two track has been to be paralel.
How to equalized?

just simple, this process it's:
make cue point before it do.
1. load a track on desk A then play
2. load a track on desk B then play
3. click SYNC then see for result at rythm windows.
4. Listen in to your phone/speaker I'm sure now the beat two track already same.

But to make easer this process my suggestion set Your virtual dj Option on CONFIG menu like this. click here

Good luck friend. I hope this can help you. If you want to know for detailed about virtual dj software you can download virtual DJ User guide manual here . read, Next tutorial virtual dj part 3


  1. waaah bahasa inggris ga ngerti saya

    mas tolong dong buat artikel tentang tutorial bermain dj

    dengan virtual dj ytapi yang buat orang awam

    abee saya pengen main dj tapi ga bisa

  2. keren nieh boleh juga dicoba. DJ Hend, minta lagu kmu dunk... :D


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