How to create keyboard shorcut in virtual dj

The setting keyboard shorchuts at virtual dj

If you Djing using virtual dj software with internal mixer setting, make the shortcuts keyboard is very important to facilitating moment live djing or mixing. using keyboard shortcuts can make be faster when your the mixing of process and enjoy, to over the song, crossing and more. Besides using mouse. but when us using the mouse facility our hand is limited.

For example: How if you want to be activated LOOP and sampler for degarding at the same time?? Sure, can't. For that our need to create keyboard shortcuts in virtual dj. But there are something to understanding when we will create keyboard shourtcut, such as:

the important of function in Mixer area virtual dj for djing .

1. Low
2. hight
3. mid
4. volume level
To deck A and deck B
5. efect
6. Loop
7. Cue/ Cue mix
8. stop/play
9. Beatmaching

Although there are the default keyboard shortcut in virtual dj config, we can to change to be easear use it. Here step by step to create the keyboard shourtcuts in virtual dj software.

the example to create shourtcuts Equalizer. But if you need keyboard shortcut ready to use go to here I have for you.

1. go to config menu , then choose Tab KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS
2. In list area there are all of function as like bass, hight, mid and more
3. Then select BASS, click Change. see picture.

according to above picture I make Bass shortcuts using LEFT, RIGHT , UP, DOWN in the my keyboard. But you can other. next process..

4. Select Equalizers, and then choose bass
5. select Deck 1 when you will create to deck 1.
6. Give Value (-) if down (+) if Up
For example I give the value -256 to down bass deck 1, +128 to up bass. If unsuitable you only change the value it. You will know the impact after that.
7. next click in KEY area such as red arrow sign
8. And then PRESS the shourtchuts what you wish making you easy to memorize.
9. Click ok. Now you can to try it. whether functioning or not.
10.If you will create another shorhcuts it's way the same as above, you omit to repeat it.

The all process the same for away, you only select the which shares that you wish to make the sortchuts. If you want change LOOP, PLAY and more is way the same. you only select desk 1 or desk 2 in under MOMENTARILY label. But don't select ON ACTIVE DECK, my suggestion choose deck 1 or deck 2. there are shortchuts default set from virtual dj software, if enjoy to using it don't change it.

Other idea:
before you load track to deck 1 or deck 2, Right click your track collection track in browser then choose ANALIZE. this process to vote BPM, gain the track.

oke friend. I hope this article usefull for you. I just share my experience. good luck
If you want support me join here to share data and get earning. How to setting config vitual dj here . have trouble ask me by comment or send by email.


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