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Friday, 13 March 2009

How to edit tracks to djing

Sometimes we have track to djing and bad sound of quality when we play. such as, small volume, lot of noise or other. So, how to be edit in order that become good? I have tips to edit your tracks to become is good. I use Nero Burning Rom v6.3.0.6 software , so I select Nero wav editor. But you can using new version that you have. If you don't have you can download here

here the step by step:

1. Go to star menu > Program > choose NERO
2. Select Nero wav editor
3. after that, go to file menu . look the picture

4. the dialog box will displayed, then select your track location in your computer and then choose your track to edit. click open.

5. Wait while proses loading track.
6. After your track have been load in the area nero wav editor, the wav grafik will displayed like this.. This is just sample my bad track. this track have small for volume. see picture.

7. After that, click edit, click select all or press CTRL+A to block track in area. Then, click menu EDIT again select"convert sample format" click ok. This proses make your track to good sound cd quality . You can see the result after proses convert sample format. Look the picture for detailed.

8. Then go to TOOL menu, select equalizer. look picture >>

9. Then edit or arrange your track equalizer. My suggestion to arrange your track as like letter "V" , such as picture on above for low and hight. my experience this technique is very good for the result. but depend where is your track bad. then click OK.

10.Next proses : edit volume your track in order that have the good sound quality. Click menu Volume, then choose Volume change. See the picture if you don't know about size measure.

boost up the slider to value 0-3. Listen to ascertain its voice through knob preview. then click ok. After finis and you have assured it's result then click save as > click OPTION > on constant bitrate select 320 kbit. Because Nero wav editor given standar value just 128 kbit for default. value 320 kbit is very good to sound track quality for the djing. for next step you can burn to cd as your cd compilation for djing. for how to create cd compilation is good click here.

Actually many software for edit track but I like using Nero because easy and it's result is good. How About you ?? I hope this article useful for you.

Have any tips please comment.
No understand please ask use comment form.

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