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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

how to convert cd to mp3 using nero 6

For the Pacifying our data track for djing using cdj 1000 or to create new compilation we must convert cd to mp3 format file or other fromat. Now I want to share for you about how to convert cd to mp3 file using NERO burning ver 6 ultra edition. I often do it in order that my data track to djing is peaceful.Many the software to convert cd to mp3 file but I'm better like using Nero because for the encoding result is very good.Nero ultra edition with keygen download here

1. insert your Audio cd to cdroom drive or dvd room
2. go to star program files, choose Nero, then select nero starmart then select music icon. If you haven't this software or wish knowing to edit track for djing click here to get link download nero 6 ultra edition.

see picture:

3. choose RIP CD TRACK then click ok.
4. click on list track if you want to convert only one the track or more but if you wish convert all your track in the cd
5. in the Menu Output file format select PowerPack mp3 encoder Click menu SETTING
6. Under Encoding quality there are label constant bitrate please select 320 kbbs for good quality your mp3 file format.
7. then click ok.
8. click browse to save your file location.
9. then click GO to process wait until the process finish.

to find your track please browse folder where is you saving. the next process you can rename your Ripping result by title, artist, album, genre when needed.To upload your data and get money when your friend download click here

good luck. I hope this article usefull for you.


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