how to djing use virtual dj 5

song commutation / cuting in virtual dj 5

hello..all my friend! see you again.I hope you be happy.
Did you know that djing use virtual dj software actualy is very easy, instant and powerfull. and surely since make the new version that is version 5.2. Us not busy again with the problem beatmaching, mixer control or ect. if we use cdj 1000 hardware. Virtual dj is the best software. And you know djing use virtual dj we just need the knowledge of litle about djing techniques.

Now I want share for you with simple about how to djing use virtual dj v 5 the pursuant to my experience during this, about how to song commutation/cuting of process. Did you know what virtual dj skin I use? I use the skin cdj 1000 v4 mk3, Dn hc 4500 variation and dn 3500 sugesstion. Third is best skin for virtual dj except skin scratch 6.0. Combine the internal mixer setting and external. I don't know what your skin or setting but I think the techniques it's the same.

Such as beatmaching, looping, cutting and more.
I want to tell the way easy djing use virtual dj about how to cuting/commutation the song (cut). But before I don't mean to teach you. I just share about what I know.

If you beginner here my idea:

  • Use cdj 1000 v4 mk3/ pioneer dvj 1000 skin because having the MAGIC BEATLOCK.
  • Set Config option at vitual dj to AUTO, like this.
  • Analize the track before load on deck (if not yet ). how to analize look in tutorial dj part3.
time to begin commutation / Cuting song. see picture 1.

Just for example to understood the song part of. Use the other song which you have and give attention to each, every 15, 30, 43, 60 second. You will know the cange it.

Song title Tango 2000 (tribal remix). Bpm 128. Lenght 06.03. which occurs every 15 seconds rhythm changes and adding sound. so essentially change the song before we need to know first points. the pursuant to picture on above you see the beat ending and from there you must to cut song and then replace the second song. so that, the way easy to cuting/commutation a song is take from 2 MINUTE the fisrt song time be over. ok. I don'nt know you understand or not. but may be if see picture 2.

Click magic beatlock for second song in DECK B the will be automatic follow deck 1
play second song momment the first song less 2 minutes.
Press Shift + spacebar if beat not equal
see picture on level volume of process
At time 15 - 30 do up volome level the second song to 1/5
Arange the equalizer second song (low, hight, mid )
at time 43 the second song, do up level volume to paralel with deck 1
At time 57 down level volume deck1 FULL
remember: to set where you begin play can do anywhere at the song, depend precisely or not. you can know by listen or see picture 1 a part.

Save as the image if very small. This skin is cdj 1000 mk3 for external mixer . If you wish to internal mixer setting you must set CUE PHONE / CUE MIX using keyboard shortcut. Here to activating cue phone. That is the step process to song commutation momment djing. But it's just example. every song having different ending.

But remember all the song for DEJAYING ( genre: house, electro house, tribal, progressive) always be set at 43 second for step 57, 60, 1.15 bar/second, as the point to the song commutation. sory I'm can't write in detail as difficult. that if you do you will understand. If you to be confuse please comment here. Need song for djs here.


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