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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Function buttons in Edjing application, which is important:

Now a lot of software for DJs, which can be run on android smartphone. One is the application Edjing, free and paid, and a lot of users. Quite to the Google store, and you can download easily. Today I will share about the function button in the application Edjing which is important. Let's discuss.

Function buttons in Edjing application, which is important:

5 Function buttons in Edjing application, which is important:

1. Automix feature.

This feature serves to make the songs in the playlist that have previously been set, will automatically mix by dj Edjing Applications (tempo will be synced). So you could say if we stay away any mix process will be done automatically by the application during the songs in the playlist is still there. This feature is the same function as automix button, which is on the application VirtualDJ 8.

Automix feature must always be provided on any DJ software, because the goal for ease dj job, without having to manually mixing. And if the feature shufftle (random) is not enabled, then the song will be taken one by one in sequence.

2. Sync button

The sync button in the application edjing, serves to equalize the tempo / bpm 2 song that is loaded onto the deck. For example, the song in deck 1 (active) has 127 bpm, on decks 2, 125bpm, so if you click on the sync button, a song on deck 2 will be 127 bpm. Including also serves to equalize the beat of the song.

3. button Crossfadder

This button for song mixing process, whereby if the crossfader on the slide button to the right of the current song out to the speakers, is the song on the deck right and vice versa.

4. Record / Record

This button to record songs in the mix in Edjing. How to record in edjing simply click the record button and start the record, click the back button to stop. The results will be recorded into the library (my mixes).

5. Pitch button:

Serves to increase the tempo / bpm songs manually, the process is click on the area of the disc / vinyl drag up to tempo up, while down to the tempo down. It is also called speed hunting process, in Edjing manually equalize bpm song.

That's some key functions in the application Edjing, which is important to know if you want to use this software, to mix the songs in android smartphone. Hope it is useful.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dj song mashup tips for beginner

As a dj would want to have their own characteristic song in the song will be played club dj, good remixes, original or bootleg. Before rising to the level of a remix and create their own original mix, better learn first how to make mashups because it's easier. So you will be easy I help you a little bit about dj song mashup tips for beginners, practice your own by using software to mashup songs.

What is a mashup? Please read this post;

The song mashup tips for beginner

Tips mashup dj song, for starters:

First: Determine the target genre of the songs that will be created mashups, better at the start of the genre of the songs that we like, one or two genres of songs. For example, electro house song and dutch house, because the two genres that still connect. Or it could be a song house and progressive house style, free up to you. Try the genre of the song still in line.

Second: Find the song is basically the same chord, for example, the first song of G, then find other songs that have a basic chord G as well. This is so that when combined the results of mashups into harmonics. So the songs are in the mashup, if at combining into one track, replacement or fusion of parts of the song are taken, will be harmony.

To see what could essentially chord with dedicated software for mashup song, and can also use the software Virtual DJ 8, Traktor Pro, and other software in use dj for live mixing. Once in analize usually be detected chord / key of the song.

I often find the masher who are beginners and do not know about harmonic mixing, mashups Very poor results look chord song, will make the results of mashups is not catchy. So strange and tasteless float. Remember when we plunge into the world of music, a DJ should also studied music too seriously. Unless you want to stop there.

Third: a mashup of two songs before, so easy to cultivate in compare more than 2 songs. Unless already proficient in mashup songs. The point as exercise begins the easiest, because after a long time later more adept. Standard mashup song is on average only 2 songs combine so one track.

These are tips for mashup dj songs for beginners that I can share, then just do the process and hopefully understand. And the results are satisfactory. Do not forget the results of the track after the mashup write the full name of the artist. For example: Dirty South vs. Alesso - City Of Love (Newklear Bootleg), the rear is your name written. Because it is more ethical in honor song maker. Remember there is no original songs then no mashup.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Download skin pioneer cdj 2000 for virtualDJ software

Yesterday there are friends who ask VirtualDJ skins pioneer CDJ 2000, because he happened to tool wear is new CDJ 2000. Because of busy these days I upload the file data skin. Please download for anyone who needs VirtualDJ skin, CDJ 2000.

Download pioneer cdj 2000, skin for virtualdj

Click here.

How to install skins VirtualDJ pioneer CDJ 2000 already I put in the archive, so you just read it. Keep in mind that the data is not a skin file exe file format, but only the image and xml files. So, you just simply need to copy and paste into VirtualDJ skins folder.

How to download from depositfiles ?

1. Select regular download, and do not click on the red button download Now (it is an advertisement). See the picture below:

How to download file at depostifiles

2. Wait about 1 minute, until captca code box appears, fill in the code and then click next. Next will come the download button skin file. But be careful not wrong click, it could be confused. Click the button "Download file in regular mode by the browser". In the image on the red circle. See the picture below:
How to download file at depostifiles

It'S Done. Furthermore unloading / extract files that have been downloaded skins using software rar, winzib. Now you can activated skin virtualdj cj 2000 pioneer.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to setup VirtualDJ 8 home version for mixing the songs

VirtualDJ 8 has been out there are many additional features that are better than previous versions. The good news is for the personal user home function soundcard settings are not limited 1 soundcard. But could be 2 output (speakers and headphones - the internal mixer). Yesterday I downloaded VirtualDJ 8 free and install on my PC and see the new features. Unbelievably, many design changes and additions to the tool as well as improving engine sound. And it could be the default skins supplied tool to activate the microphone, you can setup mic in VirtualDJ easily. Very suitable for you who like fun mixing the songs at home. Below is how to set VirtualDJ 8 for mixing songs:

If you do not have to download the software, VirtualDJ 8 free here, please select for PC or mac. At the time of the install select complete and close when the login menu appears, if you have not got an account in VirtualDJ site (this is for member pro).

How to set the sound output VDJ 8 personal version home ?

In order to hear the songs from the speakers and headphones at the time of going to mixing songs in VirtualDJ 8 version of this personal home, then we must use the soundcard which has two sound output ( Please see post usb sound for dj ). If not, you can buy a usb sound / pci soundcard. How to internal audio mixer settings in VirtualDJ 8 see picture below:

setup audio virtualdj 8 home version for mixing the songs

Click the config menu right corner as shown. then select two soundcards - speakers and headphones. Then at the list of names soundcard, the label "source select master. Please set according soundcard you have. At the headphones as in the picture above is for a soundcard that we use to listen to a song on headphones and also mix two songs or more on each decks in select. Do not setting an external mixer because if not VirtualDJ pro this function in the limit.

If you use the controller as a DJ mixer, you should use Virtual DJ 8 pro version, which costs you can see on the menu licenses. Although in the limit soundcard settings in Virtual DJ 8 version has a better home in the appeal version 7 that can only be set to 1, the sound output.

How do I mix the song in the headphones?

The process is to determine whether the track between decks 1-4 are the same as on the beat or not. If you have mastered the technique of mixing in the previous version of VirtualDJ is no difficulty in this process, because quite understand any new tool in VirtualDJ 8. For more details on how to mix songs headphone see image below:
mix two songs on the phone with virtualdj 8
Internal mixer virtualdj 8

This image is an internal mixer VirtualDJ 8 home version, 4 decks. Select the "MIX, to listen to the two songs that came out to the speakers and the song on the selected deck (headphone icon). The position of the phone in the middle of the mix button to hear 2 songs or more.

Whereas if directed to the left to hear the first song on the selected deck. But do not forget to lower the volume level of the deck that will be heard in conjunction with the active deck. If you use the crossfader button, swipe left / right that the song has been in the play out to the speakers.

Mix function when the phone is very important for a DJ mix song, because without this phone mix DJ song mixing process can not be perfect or less smooth. Although in VirtualDJ 8 existing sync button and do not forget to use the pitch bend buttons to enhance the song mix.

So the conclusion to be mixing the songs in Virtual DJ 8 home version we have to use the soundcard which has two sound output. If the pc / laptop only has a default soundcard, you need to add one more. Without soundcard 2 outputs sound, how to setting Virtual DJ 8 can not be applied

How you can convert audio file to vdjsample extension

What‘s the meaning. vdjsample file extension?

This file is really a file format to the loop which could be run exclusively by VirtualDJ software. And when we play the sound will certainly be repeated, until we stop. Vdjsample loop file extension inside the folder sampler, and also the location from the file exists in My Document. How you can save / convert audio file to loop vdjsample format?

1. Prepare the data source will certainly be converted to file vdjsample, waves file format, mp3, ogg, among others who support VirtualDJ.

2. Move or copy and paste files that could convert / change to vdjsample extension, straight into the folder Users \ username \ Documents \ VirtualDJ \ Sampler \ recording, or any other folders inside the folder sampler.

3. Open the software virtuadj 8, then click the folder sampler upon the left, select another folder to copy and paste the audio file that could convert. Then right-click the file and choose Sampler editor.

Convert audio file to vdjsampler

4. Inside the sampler editor tool you click the button loops, and click the save button (diskette image ). Upon the tempo / Bpm please change value if you need to change. Begin to see the picture below :

How you can convert audio file to vdjsample extension

When you click save, probably the audio file will certainly be changed to loop vdjsample extension, and also the results you should use mashup song in VirtualDJ. Samples of such files is : are you currently ready. vdjsample. Further details, please open from Windows Explorer, look inside the folder sampler. All audio files which you save / convert towards the format vdjsample will look, and also the results of those will certainly be saved in a similar folder with the initial audio data.

How you can save / convert audio file to vdjsample extension could use VirtualDJ 8 home or pro version, but unfortunately We‘ve to save lots of each file one by one. Cannot convert all of it plenty, I have tried, and hopefully There‘s created a special software to convert audio files vdjsample format.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tips to make songs, original mix in fl studio for beginner

Perhaps there remain my friends who don‘t understand, so I shorten it with cover 5 Tips to make songs, original mix in fl studio for beginner. Especially for any DJ to possess his own original songs, this‘ll facilitate work to turn into a famous DJ and professional. Hopefully can understand.

Here are the points that I share :

1. Understand correctly, the genre from the songs that we‘ll create.
2. Find the basic tone from the song
3. Start from the foremost easily done.
4. Do not wanted to quickly finish the song
5. Produce a simple song, as a primary step

OK, let us discuss one by one 5 ideas to make the initial song mix to really make it more clear. But this really is what is requried to be made by my mind all of this amount of in time made a song, just share it.

1. Understand correctly, the genre from the songs that we‘ll create.

This section to avoid obscure songs, to stream any music. For instance : If we want to create a song genre of electro, house, hip hop, then inevitably prior to making We‘ve to comprehend the structure from the song. What type of musical character, bass line, rhythm, tempo / bpm, sound instruments, along with other musical elements.

2. Find the basic tone from the song

Playing coming from the tone of what ought to be? Since it is quite important the song into your beautiful and harmonious, and directional flow tone. Based on the experience and I‘ve learned inside the genre of song original mix, the determination of the fundamental tone taking mostly mid tone of scales (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C - and rising tone / octave ). Major or minor scales. Begin to see the table below major scales :

Here example original mix song which i made. Of the fundamental tone E.

3. Starting coming from the easy part is performed.

For instance : Get started by producing the beat, it is the easiest part, right?
When the beat is completed in created, including sound settings along with other processes, then we go straight into the making of the bassline. The thing is to conduct the most we mastered first. Don‘t have a melody first if We‘ve not mastered the strategy of producing the correct melody. Because later will make us stuck set up and lastly bored themselves.

4. Do not wanted to quickly finish the song

Well sometimes become a disease from the music producer beginners, impatient wish to quickly finish the song that may be shared immediately. Since the rush is mostly in finishing, mixing and mastering the song wasn‘t optimal. Even when we hear for only yourself the outcomes will certainly be felt bland and raw audible sound, or sometimes it comes with an essential trace element that song remains lacking. It sometimes happens to me. : )

5. Create An easy song first

What I am talking about is simple to chord / key and component of music. Eg : For the start make an original song mix, like the song chord exercise enough 1- 2 only. Samples of tone E, further developed from the chord progression tone E. Especially for dance music (for DJ ), if lots of chord it might result in the song be up and down. Especially the part that ought to be beat, though it‘s different when the floating section (off beat ). So try upon the songs contained a beat which is not up and down.

Except existing remix vocals and must follow the chord original song that harmony. Many DJ who made the song, original mix chord on hold so as not up and down.

And when you earn an easy mix original songs with somewhat instrument and chords are able, we continued in order to make the song more challenging with 2-4 chord.
here is 5 Tips to make songs, original mix in fl studio for beginner. I simply shared insights and experiences only, and doesn t intend to show. Because available lots of professional musicians. i hope this helps.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

No content library on refx nexus vst, why ?

Refx nexus vst plugin that is broadly utilized by artists as a part of the world, on the grounds that the default preset sound quality and exceptionally decent. The quantity of existing substance library is sufficient to speak to the qualities of each one kind of music. Answer why nexus vst no substance when the introduce is:
No content library on refx nexus vst

1. You essentially download the application record without preset substance/ library. Possibly you got it from downloading the document imparting site. do you realize that refx nexus vst full limit of 3.20gb. With the points of interest beneath:

Along these lines, you simply get an application, nexus 2 setup, without nexus content envelope. Refx nexus vst won't be capable to be utilized without any substance organizer, so you need to download all the information to finish as above, to make refx nexus vst working appropriately and has a library substance.

2. You introduce refx nexus 2 vst, yet lost organizer area. On the off chance that utilizing FL Studio programming is normally the area of the organizer is spotted at: C: \ program files(x86) \ vst plugins. There is a probability you set the envelope area to an alternate, so that the application refx nexus vst couldn't discover it after in sets.

3. nexus content.

Information nexus organizer substance have not you put into vst plugins envelope area. So the arrangement is that you need to duplicate and glue the nexus organizer substance to the right area. It would be ideal if you see the video on the most proficient method to introduce refx nexus vst plugin effectively beneath:

Thus, that is the reason vst nexus does not work legitimately after the establishment methodology is finished, and no substance inside. Furthermore why don't show up in the rundown of channel fl studio, the answer please see the video above.

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