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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

way to remove vocal or music on song

hello friend .. do you have trouble in removing the music or the vocals on the song? I have tips for doing it. This explanation is below also whatever software we use to remove vocal or music. Because sometimes we can't get acapella from the original song.

1. Use virtualdj v.5 - latest version.
Click effect then choose vocal remover. Select guitar icon or mic. If result not good use the next way below.

2. Use Adobe Audition (remove vocal or music)

1. convert file from mp3 to wav 16bit.
2. Load your adobe audition. then right click on project area--choose insert-- audio.
3. Find effect > amplitude > normalize ke 50%.
4. effect > filter/stereo imagery > central channel extractor, choose acapella, custom 150hz to 21000hz.
5. center channel level 10db (listen by click preview, when the music still hard move to 5 )
6. discrimination setting move to wide until 0.Listen by click preview..if it less for value move to 1,3 or 3.

7. phase disrimination 20
8. amplitude disrimination 2
9. spectral decay 0
10.amplitude band 10
11. fft side 8192
12. overlay 12
13. interval size 15ms, after finish your set, then click ok.

next step
14. effect ---filter and eq -- scientific filter
15. Click drop off below
16. Click phase and extended range
17. Click chybachev 2 and band pass
18. cut off 300
19. high cut off 16.000
20. order 40
21. pass ripple 0
22. actual ripper 120
23. master left -3 & right -3
24. Click add, type name your preset to use again for next song.

Next step
25. choose filter/restoration > noise reduction > click capture profile
26. noise reduction level move to low
27. select entire file 0.5
28. reduce 40db
29. precitin factor 7
30. smooting ammount 1
31. transition witdh 10
32. spectral decay 65%
33. FFT size 8192
34. snapshot in profile 4000
35. Click remove noise

36. save as your result... to wav or mp3.Then beatmapper.

3. Use Audacity here.
load your song then click effect--choose vocal remover.
Way above the results are not as good as it acapella, but it will make it easier for us now if we do not get the acapella. Sometimes most music was still audible voice but we can overwrite with another sound when Re-mixing with the software that we use. My experience in software fl studio there parametic eq on the mixer area. So, we can use it for  balance. actually many dj software or others  to remove vocal or music, but just like this I know. oke friend..good luck.


  1. ini cocok banget tuk memulai karokean
    mantap deh info dan tutorialnya

  2. yang merasa indonesia tolong lapor kan penyalah gunaan malaysia mencela indonesia lihat di situ ini

  3. bisa menghilangkan background musik jugakh?

  4. bisa bro..cuma kadang gak sempurna..


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