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Monday, 6 July 2009

USB sound for DJ

Usb sound for virtual dj

What'up Dj..I'm back again at my djing blog for to be share about djing use virtual dj software old or latest version. To day I want give you information to choosing the USb sound for your laptop or PC, that is good and recommended for Dj.Hereunder:

a. Usb sound Esi U46DJ site

U46DJ is a 4-in 6-out multi-channel audio interface.The mix output and the 2 phono inputs make the unit a perfect portable solution for digital DJs, compatible with all major DJ software applications.There are also 2 stereo line inputs, a microphone input with +48V phantom power and a headphone output. This makes it possible to connect U46DJ to various external devices such as a DJ mixer or even active 5.1 surround monitors. The unit even supports DirectWIRE, allowing you to record signals from one application to another internally. U46DJ offers all these features in a rugged, compact package that can travel with you anywhere.


compact device (1/3 rack size)
supports up to 16-bit / 48kHz input and output with 100dB(a) dynamic range ADC / DAC
6 channel analog output plus separate mix output
microphone, Hi-Z input signal support
4 channel analog input (line level, phono)
bus powered (no extra power supply needed)
EWDM driver with MME, WDM and ASIO 2.0 support
now supports DirectWIRE
Windows XP compatible (SP2 recommended), Mac OS X compatible (from 10.3)

You can using this usb sound for djing use virtual dj internal mixer or external. Can used for timecode too. Price about $369
For detail you can download user manual

B. Numark DJ I/O DJ Audio Interface

Dj|iO is a simple USB soundcard designed for DJs, that will let you plug both headphones and master output on your laptop. Recommended from site for detail: Price about $89

C. Hercules - DeeJay Trim 4&6 usb audio interface for djing


1 – 4-channel output

For internal mixing: play the mix on outputs 1-2 / preview on outputs 3-4
For external mixing: assign outputs 1-2 to left deck, outputs 3-4 to right deck and mix on an external mixer.

2 – 4-channel input (Line & Phono level)

Line level: connect external MP3 / CD players and mix them with computer tracks
Phono level: connect vinyl turntables and mix them with computer audio files

3 – Headphones output for monitoring
Stereo jack output for connecting headphones, featuring a volume button
Set the monitored channels: outputs 3-4 for preview / outputs 1-2 for the mix

4 – Microphone input with talk-over function
Mono ¼'' jack input for connecting a microphone
Talk-over mode (mix the microphone input with background music)

5 – Preamplifiers on 4-channel inputs

2 stereo preamplifiers to adjust the volume of the 4-channel analogue inputs:
2 buttons and 4 view-meters to set the volume of analogue inputs
Supports high-level sources (e.g. Pioneer CD players) and phono turntable. Price about $179. detail.

in fact still a lot of good ub sound for djing , and selling in market. but third the usb sound very good. Recommendation from You can get this tool in your country. My suggestion don't use usb sound for djing with cheap of price. I have used the cheap usb souund and output voice is very bad and will not use again. I you wish become an dj proffesional use the good appliance. For other usb sound for djing visit at site.


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  2. same as you've got a great info too about your dj usb's stuffs. btw, it's me suzhu not zujoe, i'm now managing of his blogs cuz he is very busy on his job. will tell about u...


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