Dj tips: create mixtape use virtual dj

create the Mixtape use virtual dj is very easy more than we using the cdj 1000 hardware. Why? such as you know when you have set at virtual dj software become automatic for bpm, pitch, gain, 30 % we have do it. The technique to create the mixtape using virtual dj is equal like the momment the live mixing djing. knowing of technique beatmaching, looping, playlist set and sound control. The step hereinafter we just activating RECORD of function in virtual dj software, for internal mixer or external mixer setting.

Ok friend, last week I have studied about making the mixtape using the AUTOMATIC MIXING of function at virtual dj when you just to make your the tracks to becoming length/combine . Now I will share you step by step how to create the mixtape becoming prefection for result using virtual dj v5x and then you can sell it.

Step 1: Song election

This step is very important to yielding the mixtape that prefection. My suggestion choose the track what still be original (non crosscut song) or choose the song for dj's only. The way easy to get the song original for djing you can see at, Choose the song that is good and commercial which many people like it. but depended what your music of genre. May be your genre is house, electro house, progressive, trance. the fourth music genre is commercial in the word.

Step 2: the song sequence

After you have to do election the song then put in to playlist at virtual dj. then listen one by one to determine the song sequence (for number 1, 2 , 3). My suggestion arrange from low bpm to hight example: Djing with genre Eletro house, house, progressive.

1. title song - artist bpm 126
2. title song - artist bpm 127
3. title song - artist bpm 128
4..title song - artist bpm 130

And so on ( if you want to burn to cd set total time 1.78 minute maximal) but depend knock and its song composition. from listening accurately one by one song you to make yours mixtape will know the its song sequence. The technique is easy to sequence the song is pursuant to each bpm the song from low to hight. don't forget to analize the song if bpm unknown. How to analize the song at virtual dj here.

step 3: choose skin vdj

Choose the skin virtual dj owning PITCH BEND. like skin virtual dj default, Dn 3500 suggestion, Dn-4500 variation, groove vdj, Mix station sv 4.2 variation, mix lab v3.1 and ect. Download skin here. Why? althougt at virtual dj software there are SYNCH, magic beatlock of function at vdj 5.2 pro (in skin cdj 1000 variation ) sometimes the beat not always realy of equal. It's completion you must use the PITH BEND.

Step 4: set automatic bpm equal at vdj
To make automatic in vdj option see here you will be know about how to set for djing. Then goto Record menu. How to record click here.

Step 5: process to mixing the song for create the mixtape (for beginner)

ok. if you have ready to, song have compiling in playlist of pursuant to its sequence, now omit the process of mixtape.

Go to Record menu,
Load the song number 1 in playlist to deck a or b.
Click start recording (will be record the song in deck a or b ) then PLAY the song on deck a or b.
Click menu mp3 / browse again to see your playlist

The next of process is like the momment you djing one by one load the song on deck a or b until finish (don't forget to Stop RECORDING). The differience is Record and not. So that you just to know how to djing use virtual dj
How technique to song commutation/cut song? if you don't know. Here step by step and how to comprehending the track. here is the way.

You need 2 output sound card/ usb in your pc or laptop to making the prefection mixtape. If you using one output it not good. To set 2 output usb sound/ card click here

If your genre music is electro house, house my suggestion set bpm 130.00 for all the tracks but start from low to hight. (example: if the song number 1 have bpm 128, do up to 130 by boosting up PITCH. The next song will be automatic following bpm the track number 1) set config automatic in option. Why? bpm 130 is very safely for mixing. You will know later.

How to promote your mixtape by online metode here or if you wish promote your mixtape by offline metode, here. up's if you want to promote your sigle track join at this site many dj have join at And you can build the djing community by online to improve your djing techniques and performing as DJ. Download my mixtape here Kwshare for example. I was create this mixtape use virtual dj sofware.


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