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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

How to get free music for djing

Hi..what 's up DJ!
having a lot of song collection for djing is very important, because this thing can make your audien to be satisfied and not boring. To get the track you can purchase at this site the providing the track for all genre music when you have much money. Or at, junodownload and more. Now I have good news for you about how we can got the track for djing and free for all genre of music(electro house, house, trance, hip-hop, and ect). Ok friend, here the way I get free music for djing:

1. go to site and register as standar member. This site having many the music for djing all genre and always fresh update.

2. go to alldjsong then search by title or artist. You can find many the track for djing but all data the track there at No problem, if have'nt the premium accaunt member you can download the track by choose FREE

3. Download at djs only update daily.

4. Download the track for djing at using the box search.

5. join at musiczone is free. You can find the million song at here by search the track in the category AUDIO. But not only that, you can find the software for dj also, by search at application of category.

6. Go to housedj you can find the track for djing too. But in this site the genre is electro house, house of the most.

7. use limewire software, download free software . But I think not safety because your computer can be infected virus if your antivirus not strong. limewire is software to sharing all people data in the word.

8. Download at by search in box. Choose the track that having the totalized the time, example (5 minutes good to djing)

9. join at you will find many track for dj's only.

10. using search engine with keyword like this ( title song :mp3) it' s simple technique to get free the track for djing and free.

oke friend, just it I can share for you. Actually many is way to get free the track for dj's but I not remember for the site address. Up's! one again I have tips to you: When you djing using cdj 1000 Don't use the track that is totalized the short time. because you will be have the difficulty moment you use it for live mixing. Choose the song with have totalize time 5 minute of minimum.

Why? did you know, if you beginner an dj you need the time for equalized the beat or beat-maching of process is (1 - 2 menit) for the basic beat such as at here for detail about to comprehend the track. The song election represent the part of technique djing. Sorry bad english. You Are Dj


  1. Nice Blog, Nice Articel.
    Thnk's for sharing. Always succes for you.


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