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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to setup VirtualDJ 8 home version for mixing the songs

VirtualDJ 8 has been out there are many additional features that are better than previous versions. The good news is for the personal user home function soundcard settings are not limited 1 soundcard. But could be 2 output (speakers and headphones - the internal mixer). Yesterday I downloaded VirtualDJ 8 free and install on my PC and see the new features. Unbelievably, many design changes and additions to the tool as well as improving engine sound. And it could be the default skins supplied tool to activate the microphone, you can setup mic in VirtualDJ easily. Very suitable for you who like fun mixing the songs at home. Below is how to set VirtualDJ 8 for mixing songs:

If you do not have to download the software, VirtualDJ 8 free here, please select for PC or mac. At the time of the install select complete and close when the login menu appears, if you have not got an account in VirtualDJ site (this is for member pro).

How to set the sound output VDJ 8 personal version home ?

In order to hear the songs from the speakers and headphones at the time of going to mixing songs in VirtualDJ 8 version of this personal home, then we must use the soundcard which has two sound output ( Please see post usb sound for dj ). If not, you can buy a usb sound / pci soundcard. How to internal audio mixer settings in VirtualDJ 8 see picture below:

setup audio virtualdj 8 home version for mixing the songs

Click the config menu right corner as shown. then select two soundcards - speakers and headphones. Then at the list of names soundcard, the label "source select master. Please set according soundcard you have. At the headphones as in the picture above is for a soundcard that we use to listen to a song on headphones and also mix two songs or more on each decks in select. Do not setting an external mixer because if not VirtualDJ pro this function in the limit.

If you use the controller as a DJ mixer, you should use Virtual DJ 8 pro version, which costs you can see on the menu licenses. Although in the limit soundcard settings in Virtual DJ 8 version has a better home in the appeal version 7 that can only be set to 1, the sound output.

How do I mix the song in the headphones?

The process is to determine whether the track between decks 1-4 are the same as on the beat or not. If you have mastered the technique of mixing in the previous version of VirtualDJ is no difficulty in this process, because quite understand any new tool in VirtualDJ 8. For more details on how to mix songs headphone see image below:
mix two songs on the phone with virtualdj 8
Internal mixer virtualdj 8

This image is an internal mixer VirtualDJ 8 home version, 4 decks. Select the "MIX, to listen to the two songs that came out to the speakers and the song on the selected deck (headphone icon). The position of the phone in the middle of the mix button to hear 2 songs or more.

Whereas if directed to the left to hear the first song on the selected deck. But do not forget to lower the volume level of the deck that will be heard in conjunction with the active deck. If you use the crossfader button, swipe left / right that the song has been in the play out to the speakers.

Mix function when the phone is very important for a DJ mix song, because without this phone mix DJ song mixing process can not be perfect or less smooth. Although in VirtualDJ 8 existing sync button and do not forget to use the pitch bend buttons to enhance the song mix.

So the conclusion to be mixing the songs in Virtual DJ 8 home version we have to use the soundcard which has two sound output. If the pc / laptop only has a default soundcard, you need to add one more. Without soundcard 2 outputs sound, how to setting Virtual DJ 8 can not be applied


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