Procces making mixtape use virtual dj

a dj must have known the mixtape. which to make a dj mixtape can measure and assess the extent to which his ability to mix songs in the way of listening to mixtape dj made by using DJ software or devices. Mixtape-making process was very easy with the more sophisticated the technology in the field of sound. when compared with the process of making songs. dj equipment for today has been a lot of the market. we can see it here.

If we make a mixtape use dj tool, like the CDJ 1000 and DJM 800 mixer or other dj tool, any easy way of adding only one cable from the mixer to the computer or laptop. Later in the process of voice recording software that is also a lot of numbers. like nero, adobe audition,pro tool, fruity loops, and others.

in previous writings I have discussed about how to make a mixtape with using the virtual dj software.Read here. This time I had repeated his ways. the difference this time I try to use the video and to you who are still beginners can easily see the instructions. This is the easiest way to create a mixtape. Please see this video: Part 1: I use virtual dj v.5.2.1 but you can use the latest version.

Part 1:

This setting use internal mixer with 2 soundcard (soundcard 1 to speaker and soundcard 2 to headphone). read here.

video part 2:

Procces sequence mixtape (short):

1. Election songs (one by one)
2. Put to a playlist
3. Find the time to cut the song (set point), intro / outro
4. Star to Record
5. live mixing
6. finish. For more detail please see the video.

mixtape-making process using the virtual dj software I use the keyboard and mouse. primarily to lower bass, Midle, Hight, volume levels and other functions for 1 or 2 decks. How do I create a shortcut on the keyboard please read here.

Actually make a mixtape as well as djing in front of our crowd. better use of equipment or software dj, mixing techniques and replace the song is no different. the difference is between manual and digital. ok friend i hope this useful for you. Please see the video on above and observe.


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