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Monday, 10 August 2009

how to use beatlock on pioneer vdj skin

how to use beatlock at virtual dj with cdj 1000 pioneer skin:

I believe that friends have seen the beatlock in virtual dj. especially if you often to mixing or just make mixtape. this function only found in the version of virtual dj 5.2 and the latest version.

already know what function?

beatlock function is to lock the beat of the recording deck 1 and deck 2. so that the two recording Always in line with the requirements bpm both recording must be the same. even if you play without following the beat or you click vinyl function automatically beat will be reciprocal return. the beatlock function is located on the skin pioneer cdj 800 v.5 cdj 1000, vdj 6 default(on mode scratch), serato scratch (smart).

How do I use it?

for mixing or deejaying very easy. To exercise please use skin cdj 1000 mk 3. If you not have download here. following this step:

1. to exercise please load 2 track on deck 1 and deck 2
2. Play the track on deck 1
3. press Tab to select deck 2
4. Click Beatlock button on deck 2. Location as the picture on above
5. Set Cue /not then play the track at deck 2
6. Watch carefully and listen to
7. Automatically the second song follow the beat first song. So that, make auto beatmaching

Don't forget if you will activate beatlock on deck 1(second song), set beatlock on deck 2 (playing) as OFF.For the next process is same you just click beatlock on deck. For detail please play this video.

Download video here

So, just like that how to use beatlock on virtual dj 5.2 - 6. easy?
Don't forget if you will play the track on deck 1, set off beatlock on deck 2.You will know why when you do it. But remember ! when you djing or mixing not all the track beatmaching/become same for the beat with beatlock. Don't always use beatlock at the momment deejaying. Do manual also. good luck


  1. hey dj ..
    qu kan ud follow km ..
    gntian dunk ,, km follow qu ..
    nie della.mwaniez ..

  2. blogwalking here,your blog look so smart my friend, visit me back my dear friend............

  3. sori mas dj..nge-shout di sini..sepertinya Ogix lagi ada masalah..

  4. nice post about how to use beatlock on pioneer vdj skin . keep posting :)

  5. I've finished reading how to use beatlock on pioneer vdj skin but I dont have this software or program, btw nice post friend... happy blogging and always keep $mile in your beautiful days....

  6. tengQiu brother..atas koreksinya...gimana klo dgn warna ini ??


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