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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Pioneer cdj skin for virtual dj

All pioneer cdj skin for virtual dj

Because some my friend have asked the pioneer cdj skin for virtual dj and their request differ, here I have upload all my collection the VDJ skin pioneer for you all. cdj 100s v5 (1024 x768)
2.Pioneer cdj 200s (compatible screen)
3.Pioneer cdj 400 with djm 700 v.7 cdj 800 v.5 variation
5.Pioneer cdj 1000 Mk ll djm 300
6.Pioneer cdj 1000 Mk ll multy mixer
7.Pioneer cdj 1000 Mk lll v.4 variaton
8.Pioneer dvj 1000 Download

how to install skin any on the part file, and you will find it after you exstrack. I have testing all skin on virtual dj 6.1 and working. If you need other skin please see at the best skin virtual dj at my article last month.

For number 1- 7
Download skin

Miror link
download skin

new update for size and resolution of screen.

Cdj 1000 pioneer ( 1024x768, 1280x768, 1280x800, 1600x900 (for notebook)
Download skin


if you have trouble on skin "Error video driver", please close your virtual dj software then reload again. If still problem, do restart your computer. When you activated effect at the time mixing, and your vdj become hang may be your Ram/memory less be big. vdj need 1024 minimum Ram,128 mb Vga for performing. Recommended your Ram 2gb, proccesor Dualcore /core 2 duo.


  1. pe DJ sejati neh sobat ;) ampe kg bisa komen apa2 karna kg taw ;) skin nya itu yah? keren2

  2. waw.. jadi rupanya mesin dj tu seperti itu toh.. katrok bener saya.. hhihih.. salam kenal mas..

  3. asli keren abis nii... blog tentang dj-ing... :thumbsup: salam kenal :)

  4. makasih kang udah mo mampir balik... really appreciate it :thumbsup:

  5. selama ini.. dj.. hanya dengar musiknya saja.. tapi gak tahu bentuk alatnya.. hehehe. salam ..

  6. Hi!Your website stands out from others I have visited so far, for it is more focused in instructional info on “how to” guides and I plan to learn from you. Thank you!

  7. aduh....chayank-ku keren banget seh? jadi makin sayang neh ma kamu...terus semangat yach? dinda akan terus sejalan dengan hatimu....

  8. mampir lagi saiia nii sambil bawa teh anget sama pisang goreng panas :)

  9. mampir lagi yah ke blog yg keren ini. lama tak mampir kawan habis off neh. mulai lagi jalin silahturahmi

  10. Malem kang..
    Aye ponakan yg ga baik ya... Jarang mampir di akang,
    Abis (sok) sibuk nih ;)

  11. salam kenal..asik bisa belajar nge-dj hehheeh...sukses terus yah...

  12. thanks for the skins i like this shit but some buttons doesnt work but i can fix that...thanks alot

    >>>Dj K-ROD<<<<

  13. welcome k-rod..what is the skin that not work..?


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