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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

how to make own loop sampler

step by step tutorial virtual dj how to make own loop sampler:

Hello friend..
After I upload video how to edit track use nero, Now I have upload video about how to make own loop sampler on virtual dj software.I just share because LOOP is part of dj technique for mixing, remix, live mixing, making beat music and more. In this video you can see the way it. Ceck out.

Download video how to Record loop sampler

Actually on the vdj software there are loop sampler but just litle(download loop sampler here). But we can to adding loop with create own or load sampler that take from download. Many of website that include free loop sampler.The slot loop Virtual dj having 12 the slot for loop sampler, and we can change it. Support file wav, mp3.

How to load loop sampler? just simple friend. See picture below:

Click Tab sampler
select loop slot ( loop 1, 2 ,- 12)
Click button as like on the picture
then click load, choose file location on your hardisk then clik ok.
you can test, click Play loop. Press F5 (if play slot 5) use keyboard shortcut.
If you want to save loop, see on the video the way it.

Oke friend..I hope useful for you, yesterday I will be continues my article about dj techniques use virtual dj and more. Thank for your support (join here). If any idea and tips about djing please comment.

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