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Monday, 1 June 2009

how to make default setting virtual dj! what is you still remember when first time you to install virtual dj 5.0, v 5.2.1? As like that picture vdj skin default . So, you don't know about how to use this software to djing. then you do try with to change some settings in the virtual dj. but what is happening? function of the virtual software garbled.
Ago you did not know how to restore the settings again. And I also had experienced it.
appeared to restore the settings to only the simple, namely:

Go to config of menu/set then choose Tab INFO. under there are menu "ceck for update, Download plugin, Reset to factory setting". so, to make default setting at virtual dj you just click--RESET TO FACTORY SETTING. This function is to restore the setting virtual dj and available for all version.

If you click reset to factory setting, sound setup, skin, option, browser area, playlist, Remote control and more will be to Restore. and you need to setting again. But if you was change the keyboard shortcut, the reset to factory setting does not change. How to make default keyboard shortcut vdj?

1. Go to menu config/setup
2. Choose tab Keyboard shortcuts
3. Click Load (go to virtual dj folder)
4. Then select file shortcut_default.xml
5. Click open. and then click ok.
6. Your vdj shorcuts has been restore to default.
7. good luck.

As additional I want answer some question from my friend in my email. like this:

I want to make keyboard shortcuts to djing use virtual dj. Which part should I create a shortcut and how? click here to adding vdj shortcuts. But if you wish the keyboard shortcuts virtual dj ready use you because you don't want dizzy you can download here. that is my vdj keyboard shortcuts to djing.

How to change vdj keyboard shortcuts? click here. just see picture.

What is virtual dj skin is good to my sotware for djing or mixing with genre of music house, electro house, progressive house, trance? to choose vdj skin for djing my suggestion use some skin here best skin vdj 2009.

I want hear music on my headphone and speaker. how to setting?
How to cue phone/mix you must use e two soundcard detail read here. or if you want to know step by step tutorial virtual dj with equipment you can read here.

Can I use onboard sound and soundcard?
yes. you can onboard sound but onboard sound should you use to cue phone and soundcard to speaker.

What vdj skin that is good to external mixer?
Many dj use vdj skin as like denon hc 4500 variation 1440x1024 and cdj 1000 mk3. But they use hardware controler to djing. you can download here. it's free.

How to djing use virtual dj and dj techniques? click here I have tutorial vdj for simple, you can learn step by step. see you again. You are DJ.


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