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Monday, 29 June 2009

how to cut song use virtual 6

Video dj technique tutorial how to cut song using virtual dj 6.

What up dj!
After I upload my video how to make cue position, set automatic (gain, pitch,auto cue) now I was upload short video and share for you about dj technique Cut song using virtual dj. In this simple video you can learn about cut song, set loop, exit loop, set equalizer, volume level step and more. I using virtual dj software v 6.0 with Internal mixer setting and house of genre music. Oh ya, skin vdj 6 default Cue phone of function is disable bt don't worry, how to enable Cue mix phone we can using shortcut keyboard.

Download video.


For do it this step you must set your virtual dj with Internal mixer with 2 soundcard/usb, If you use one soundcard/usb as output this technique can't do it. set config as automatic in vdj option like this. see picture:

Go to config and choose tab Option: for vdj 5 read here.
set Auto pitch maching : Always ( make every track load on deck 1/2 the bpm become same)
Auto gain : auto
Eq in headphone : enable (to set equalizer in your phone betwen the track deck 1/2)
Auto cue : enable
Auto headphone : always
Eq reset on load : enable

How if I use extenal of mixer hardware?
Way of setting is of equal. It's diference at time of Cue phone. Did you know how to set on external mixer in virtual dj? you can get info here.

Came back on my video: let's me to explain again. The technique to cut the song when djing with simply we can set on 2 minutes First song will be end. Because, if you djing with style House, electro house, at 1, 1.30, 2 minutes will be end, the every song always back to Basic song such as just drum, snare or hit. Or you can do Cut song at every 15, 30 bar, but you must comprehending song so that you find the good time to cut song. Oke friend I will be continues the dj techniques tommorow thank for your support. Djing is easy but sometimes we make it difficult.


  1. waooo I think with the 8 sub woofer and BAS will be sound excellent hehe

  2. kang.. mana postingan barunya.. mo baca ne ;:

  3. thank bro..I will continues


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