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What'up dj.. hello all my friend! I'm came back, No I will share a litle about the music genre that often djs play good use dj software or cdj hardware. When we understand a lot of music genres in the world. But in general the DJS play music genre is:

Electro house
progressive trance

How to understand and know the music genre?

besides listen to know the differences of each style music we can see through bpm, tempo. Here is a Bpm characteristics of each genre-based music genre:

Genre/Style, Approximate Tempo (in bpm)

Reggae -----------70–82
Trip Hop --- -----80–92
Hip-hop ----------89–105
Acid Jazz ---------110-116
Disco -------------124-133
House ------------119–128
Break beat & electro 130–132
Progressive -------130–135
Tribal -------------130 -135
Trance ------------135–140
Psychedelic --------136--140
Techno ------------140 and up
Hardcore ----------150–160
Drum ‘n’ Bass ------160–170

you can make this as benchmark to make their own music, if you really want to make a song or mixing. You can play all styles of music if the demand from audien. However, better choose a commercial music genre and not too far bpm so that when his play is still consistent: for example, genre house, Electro / breakbeat, progressive, tribal and trance. Genre's music is very appropriate if we Pair. Or we may choose only one music genres such as Trance or house like dj tiesto (trance) dj fist (house) that's up to you.

how to easy way to know the music genre?

You can visit or, click on menu music genre and then play SAMPLER it. You will to know it is difference every the music genre. Or if you using virtual dj software you can Righ click on the song, then choose FILE INFO. You can see the music genre, bpm, artis, and more.

Oke firend. It' just for simple knowledge for you, as dj. But I think this is vital important if you play many the music genre. Because, techniques djing/deejaying become prefect if we must have knowledge that wide about music.


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