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Last night when I have been finish djing my friend who is have learn to be dj asking to me. He asked about dj techniques and what software for dj ? I tell to him and explain with clear about it. As like you know that for djing we can using hardware such cdj 1000, tuntables, vinyl, denon dj and using dj software. Ok, now let's me tell to you.

There are several categories of software of interest to DJs and remixers:

1. Live DJ mixing and/or performing programs
2. Looping and groove generating programs
3. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) sequencers (most include digital audio
4. Digital audio-based recording/mixing programs (most now include MIDI capabilities)
5. Soft synths
6. Soft samplers
7. Software processors.

Software for live mixing and performing.

There are many dj software for live mixing and performing in the world but is generally dj using the program hereunder:

a. Virtual dj v.6.0

I don't tell this software I think you know it because not stranger and many dj use this program. And me too. Instant beatmaching,mp3 mixing, video and more. visit for detail. How djing use virtual dj here. Download skin here. User review here

b. Traktor dj studio pro

Feature: screenshout.
TRAKTOR PRO sets the standard for power, reliability, and creativity in DJing. The culmination of years of DJ software development, TRAKTOR PRO has been designed to perfectly meet professional DJs’ needs. Incorporating streamlined industry-standard workflows, 21 creative new effects, pre-assigned yet flexible MIDI mapping of all major controllers on the market, premium sound quality and up to four playback decks, TRAKTOR PRO redefines the art of DJing.

With four decks, TRAKTOR PRO makes adding tracks, loops or samples a breeze. Ultra-precise beat detection and an automatic beat-grid give you the BPM readings you need for mixing, while the new Sync Lock function ensures that beat-matched tracks never drift out of time. Intelligent loop and cue functions let you easily deconstruct and remix tracks on the fly, while the master tempo detection allows you to play with four decks and FX all sync’d automatically. Detail.

c. BPM profi
d. Clubdj
e. MobileDJ
h. Ableton live
i. More software info please visit site.
Digital audio-based recording/mixing programs

This categories for creating music remixing, editing, recording, burn cd, loop making, beat making and more. I'm only give info some software that many DJ use it. Hereunder:


The most advanced audio creation and production software features a gorgeous new interface, dozens of new plug-ins and virtual instruments, exciting new scoring and MIDI features, expanded editing and mixing capabilities, enhanced performance, and more. With Pro Tools 8, you get the most comprehensive music and sound creation features and functionality, and the proven, dedicated platform for world-class audio production, all in a single application. Support hardware control. visit this site for detail.


Reason is a popular music software program developed by Swedish software developers Propellerhead Software. It emulates a rack of hardware synthesizers, samplers, signal processors, sequencers and mixers. Reason can be used either as a complete virtual music studio, or as a collection of virtual instruments to be played live or used with other sequencing software. Screenshout Visit site.


Make virtually any sound. FL8 includes 13 virtual synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass,
electric guitar and plucked string simulation, sampler tools including piano, general sample playback, and beat-slicing, and a range of synthesis techniques (subtractive, modelling, FM, granular and additive). I using this software for make loop and my music. visit site for detail.


For burning data, mp3, video to cd/dvd, editing, recording, Ripping (convert mp3),and more. I use this software for make cd audio because I'm djing use cdj 1000mk3 but sometimes use virtual dj v6.0 with external mixer setting but not use the controler just using numark mixer dmx09 with 3 line channel. how to setting at virtual dj here

To edit my owen track and use to back up data disc. Did you know what is nero version I use? Only use v.6.0 because easy better and not make pc down. Download new version trial at download82.


Logic is a MIDI sequencer with extensive digital audio capabilities popular among professional
DJs, remixers, composers, and electronic musicians. Unlike ProTools, Logic will talk to
most soundcards and audio interfaces. Visit site for detail.

And more. There are many of the software in the world but here is the most of popular.

oke friend, I think just two categories dj software that important you must know. Want to wear that's up to you. Download demo version then decided to purchaseif appropriate. But my suggestion use TRAKTOR DJ STUDIO or VIRTUAL DJ for live mixing performing. And use Fruity loop or Reason to make your owen music. Nero burning room software for create cd audio for deejaying.


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